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  1. I'm really bored, and this forum isn't really useful for anything other than trollin'(read: yo). Some of the old forumites will remember this, a time much better than now, when this forum was set as your homepage and the mass of your bookmarks were these posts. Oh, how I miss the good old times. We've met some great people here, and now, they're all gone. This forum was one of my safe havens, a place where I could actually get useful information from knowledgeable people. Today that vision has long faded, and replaced with sights of ignorance and stupidity. Do you guys still remem
  2. I would class Wordpress as being procedural, how would you class that as OO? If I want my statements correcting i'll ask otherwise I don't care. You have but a vague understanding of software design.
  3. Wordpress isn't procedural. And to correct your statement: "I use both, when working with Wordpress I program procedurally. A general rule I use is: if the product you are working with is written as OO then use OOP, or else recode that ****.
  4. Re: Sick and Tired of substandard Support This is my reply to the thread "Sick and Tired of substandard Support". "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that". Since this is still a community board, I suggest that moderators do not close threads as if they were tickets. Now for my actual reply.   By law(does not matter where), MCCodes should give out an invoice when their product is purchased. Now comes a favor for me: Would anyone be so kind as to post their invoice on these boards? The reason herefor is: 1) That they actually give invoices, 2) Their "trading name" as I
  5. Why would you sell something that makes you 58USD per day?
  6. 1. Procedural is easier. 2. MVC is actually a GUI pattern.
  7. Isn't it illegal to operate a pr0n website in Texas?
  8. I suggest you pay extra for his losses as well.
  9. http://www.last.fm/user/spudinski - 'Nuff said.
  10. ...and you're hitting max connections, how?
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