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  1. I just recently started receiving an unexpected end of file error in global_func.php on Line 918 when I switched web hosts. Does anyone see anything wrong?  
  2. I'm more of a windows guy, I know Linux would be best since its built for hosting, I've played around with ubuntu before but just can't get use to Linux.
  3. Everyone that is hosting on a dedicated server or your own computer what programs are you using to host the site and crons?
  4. Never mind I got everything working. Thanks for the help with the code :)
  5. Another question you might be able to answer. The images are showing up perfect but if I set the image position to static I can't move them to the right position, if I set the position to absolute or relative I can line the images up but if the website is resized they don't line up anymore or if the images line up for me they don't line up for other players being on a different resolution
  6.   Great! I really just needed the code.   <img src='itmpic/{$equip[$ir['equip_primary']]['itmpic']}'>   Thanks!
  7. I'll test it out and see if it gets me anywhere, I'll let you know
  8. Cool thanks, I put that mod aside and started working on others for right now
  9. So I decided to start working on this mod myself since no one has replied, im using a css image map, everything is working except the images showing up. Does anyone know the code to show the item on the inventory page for each slot?
  10. I am looking for an inventory mod with item slots to show equipped items. The picture below is just a google searched image to show somewhat of what I mean. Also posted below is my current inventory script.   <?php include "globals.php"; $q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE itmid IN({$ir['equip_primary']}, {$ir['equip_secondary']}, {$ir['equip_armor']}, {$ir['equip_helmet']}, {$ir['equip_boots']}, {$ir['equip_amulet']}, {$ir['equip_braclet']}, {$ir['equip_ring']}, {$ir['equip_special']})"); print "<h3>Equipped Items</h3><hr />"; while($r=$db->fetch_row($q)) { $equip[$r['itmid']]=$r; } print "<table width='75%' cellspacing='1' class='table'> <tr> <th>Helmet</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_helmet']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_helmet']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_helmet'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> <tr> <th>Gloves</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_amulet']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_amulet']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_amulet'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> </tr> <tr> <th>Primary Weapon</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_primary']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_primary']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_primary'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> <tr> <th>Secondary Weapon</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_secondary']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_secondary']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_secondary'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> <tr> <th>Arms</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_braclet']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_braclet']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_braclet'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> <tr> <th>Leggings</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_ring']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_ring']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_ring'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> <tr> <th>Chest</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_armor']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_armor']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_armor'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td></td>"; } print "</tr> <tr> <th>Boots</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_boots']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_boots']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_boots'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> <tr> <th>Shield</th> <td>"; if($equip[$ir['equip_special']]['itmid']) { print $equip[$ir['equip_special']]['itmname']."</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_special'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { print "None Equipped.</td><td> </td>"; } print "</tr> </table><hr /> <h3>Inventory</h3><hr />"; $inv=$db->query("SELECT iv.*,i.*,it.* FROM inventory iv LEFT JOIN items i ON iv.inv_itemid=i.itmid LEFT JOIN itemtypes it ON i.itmtype=it.itmtypeid WHERE iv.inv_userid={$userid} ORDER BY i.itmtype ASC, i.itmname ASC"); if ($db->num_rows($inv) == 0) { print "You have no items."; } else { print "Your items are listed below. <table width=100% class=\"table\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"1\"> <tr> <td class=\"h\">Item</td> <td class=\"h\">Sell Value</td> <td class=\"h\">Total Sell Value</td> <td class=\"h\">Links</td> </tr>"; $lt=""; while($i=$db->fetch_row($inv)) { if($lt!=$i['itmtypename']) { $lt=$i['itmtypename']; print "\n<tr><td colspan=4>{$lt}</td></tr>"; } if($i['weapon']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='red'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } if($i['armor']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='green'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } if($i['helmet']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='blue'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } if($i['boots']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='pink'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } if($i['amulet']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='brown'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } if($i['braclet']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='yellow'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } if($i['ring']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='lime'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } if($i['special']) { $i['itmname']="<font color='darkorange'>*</font>".$i['itmname']; } print "<tr><td>{$i['itmname']}"; if ($i['inv_qty'] > 1) { print " x{$i['inv_qty']}"; } print "</td><td>\${$i['itmsellprice']}</td><td>"; print "$".($i['itmsellprice']*$i['inv_qty']); print "</td><td><a href='iteminfo.php?ID={$i['itmid']}'>[info]</a>"; if($i['inv_lent'] == 0) { print" <a href='itemsend.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[send]</a> <a href='itemsell.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[sell]</a> <a href='imadd.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Add To Market]</a> <a href='itemuse.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[use]</a> <strike>[Donate To Gang]</strike>"; } if($ir['gang']>0 && $gangdata['gangARMORY']==1 && $i['inv_lent']==0) { print " [Donate To Gang]"; } if($ir['gang']>0 && $gangdata['gangARMORY']==1 && $i['inv_lent']>0) { print " [Give Back]"; } if($i['itmtypename'] == 'Food' || $i['itmtypename'] == 'Medical' || $i['itmtypename'] == 'Donator Pack') if($i['effect1_on'] || $i['effect2_on'] || $i['effect3_on']) { print " <a href='itemuse.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[use]</a>"; } if($i['weapon']) { print " <a href='equip_weapon.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Weapon]</a>"; } if($i['armor']) { print " <a href='equip_armor.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Chest]</a>"; } if($i['helmet']) { print " <a href='equip_helmet.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Helmet]</a>"; } if($i['boots']) { print " <a href='equip_boots.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Boots]</a>"; } if($i['amulet']) { print " <a href='equip_amulet.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Gloves]</a>"; } if($i['braclet']) { print " <a href='equip_braclet.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Arms]</a>"; } if($i['ring']) { print " <a href='equip_ring.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Leggings]</a>"; } if($i['special']) { print " <a href='equip_special.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>[Equip as Shield]</a>"; } print "</td></tr>"; } print "</table>"; print ""; } $h->endpage(); ?>  
  11. KyleH112


      Thanks, that was the problem the directory was named JBBCode NOT jBBCode
  12. KyleH112


    So I downloaded jBBCode, uploaded everything to my server. And I added require_once "jBBCode/Parser.php"; to the top of my inventory.php file to test it out and im getting this error. [h=1]Game Name - Critical Error[/h] A critical error has occurred, and this page cannot be displayed. Please try again later. when I remove require_once "jBBCode/Parser.php"; the page loads fine.
  13. KyleH112


    Thanks guys I'll check it out when I'm off work
  14. KyleH112


      Nope, what do you recommend?
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