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  1. Is the game released or....?
  2. So inbetween work, being a fighter and having a lot of client work on, I have started working on my latest project. So far I have only been working on the design and sorting that out and I've also hired someone from outside the forums to complete me a logo which should be ready in the the next few days. The home page design is just about finished and can be see at: http://mmadraftkings.com/ This is a big project and will most likely keep me busy over the next few months.
  3. Haven't posted in here in quite a while but here's what I have been up to lately... 1) Working on a clients company website using Bootstrap 3.2.0 which is almost finished besides a few touch ups and SEO work. 2) I started working on the design work for a new project I am planning: http://fantasymma.web44.net/
  4. Razor42

    Fight News

    We've grown quickly, plus the twitter was opened before the website to help build a following for when we opened.
  5. Razor42

    Fight News

    No I didn't buy it, why is it pretty far developed? The theme is a bought one, everything the site uses are wordpress plugins. Also the first post I made was on the 01/05 and I posted this on 08/05, 7 days after creatring it
  6. Razor42

    Fight News

    http://Www.itsfightnews.com is my brand new website that brings you daily news in boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and kickboxing! Please check it out and let me know what you think! Also follows us on twitter: http://Www.twitter.com/fightnews3
  7. I have a re-vamped inventory that I might be willing to sell, it just needs the code cleaning up but all functionality is there.
  8. Not sure why you posted this or told people I am giving away one month free advertising with every sign up. I obviously could have posted the site here if I wanted too. Could someone please delete this thread.
  9. Hi guys, I have set up a twitter page for all the latest fight news around the world in MMA, Boxing, K1, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. I'd be very grateful if you would follow at https://twitter.com/FightNews3 we are currently just short of 100 followers and I update the page regularly with all the latest news! Thanks guys.
  10. Yeah, I had to wait 2 weeks for them to refund my money as I deposited funds then tried to set up a campaign with no luck lol.
  11. Just a note that http://www.leetmedia.com are no longer taking on new customers and will be closing once all current campaigns are finished.
  12. I'm still looking to sell this layout and domain.
  13. It's valid XHTML/CSS and no it's not responsive.
  14. Yes I will. I even have the .com domain to match the title I can throw in to sweeten the deal also.
  15. It's old? Peter made the layout around 2-3 weeks ago.
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