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  1. The ID attribute needs to remain the same. The duplicate name attribute needs removing.
  2. `gang` is a valid column name in the `users` table in default MCC v2. Either you're not using v2, or you've renamed the `gang` column
  3. Grab the version that @Djkanna has kindly mirror-hosted for us. The module version is 1.1, the codebase it was written for is MCC v2
  4. Change $q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE cdays=0 AND course > 0"); to $q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE cdays <= 0 AND course > 0");
  5. @Sim is correct; you need to escape your string variables with mysql_real_escape_string(). $name = mysql_real_escape_string($name); $message = mysql_real_escape_string($message); // escape more strings if needed mysql_query(...);
  6. In the endpage() function, just above the closing </body> tag (recommended), or in the startpage() function somewhere between the <head></head> tags
  7. Create a directory in `/home/your-username` and name it php-sessions (or something equally obvious) And add session_save_path('/path/to/php-sessions'); above any call to session_start() Also recommend you set the filepath as a variable or constant for ease of future dev (example below) // in a config file define('MY_SESSION_FILEPATH', '/preferrably-absolute/path/to/php-sessions'); // at the session start calls session_save_path(MY_SESSION_FILEPATH); session_start();
  8. $itmbuy isn't set because it's part of a braceless if statement, resulting in gap between itmsellvalue and effect1. Simply add a little logic to handle the empty inputs Offending snippet: if (empty($itmname) || empty($itmdesc) || empty($_POST['itmtype']) || empty($_POST['itmbuyprice']) || empty($_POST['itmsellprice'])) $itmbuy = ($_POST['itmbuyable'] == 'on') ? 1 : 0;
  9. I'd hazard a guess at a countdown until re-opening
  10. Underscore != space php http://gangsterparadise.rf.gd/cron_minute.php code=YOUR_CODE_HERE Rinse and repeat (with the schedule) for each cron
  11. You added an underscore between `.php` and `code` Additionally, you may want to change that code and keep your new one private 😉
  12. We can't offer suggestions for potential fixes without knowing a little more about your system. Looks like you're hosted with iFastNet, who do offer crons via cPanel, and at a guess, it looks like you're using MC Codes v2. The cron commands required are given upon installation. Failing that, your cron code will be in `config.php` - you'll need this to allow your crons to run. In your File Manager, you should see 4 files starting with `cron_` (by default); these are `cron_day.php`, `cron_hour.php`, `cron_fivemins.php` and `cron_minute.php` And in your cPanel, you should see a
  13. To add onto sniko's post; if CLI scares you, I'd recommend a Git GUI, such as SourceTree or GitKraken*; Or, if you're using an editor that support Git out-of-the-box such as PhpStorm**, or an editor that supports plugins (e.g., Atom, SublimeText 3, etc.), just use that! *Note: GitKraken is free for public repos. They put accessing private repos behind a paywall. **Note: PhpStorm has a 30-day free trial, but is otherwise paid software (would strongly recommend it)
  14. Failing that, a 3rd party cron service is available. Here's the Create Cron UI from EasyCron q
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