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  1. Error: Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given A null value was passed to a count() call. count() doesn't accept null values. nbbc.php line 155 is the call
  2. $db->query('SELECT type, user, person FROM lists WHERE user = ? AND person = ?'); $db->execute([$i['userid'], $u['userid']]); $row = $db->fetch(true); if(empty($row)) { $fri = '<a href="friends?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add friend</a>'; $ene = '<a href="enemys?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add enemy</a>'; } elseif($row['type'] === 'friend') { $fri = 'Remove Friend'; $ene = ''; } else if($row['type'] === 'enemy') { $fri = ''; $ene = 'Remove enemy'; }
  3. True! This grants those who prefer an in-site GUI over opening an editor that ability and was originally written with that in mind
  4. And reality - this plane of existence, for example 😉 Better hills to die on, guys!
  5. I believe he's using a PDO wrapper I released a few years ago
  6. Remove the error suppressant from the session_start() call and get the information you need
  7. I quite liked MCC's crime success chance calculation. I feel it was a little lacking on the modifiers side of it as default, but easy enough to extend. I'd suggest doing something similar to it, perhaps incrementally per level range or crime level (don't know what you're intending to do). Alternatively, keep it simple with an "easy", "medium", "hard" at varying integers and use an RNG? <?php // Example // Set array of difficulties with associated percentage of success $difficulties = [ 'easy' => 95, 'medium' => 50, 'hard' => 25, 'extreme' => 10, ]; // Assume $row is an array of crime data, assume "difficulty" is a valid column name with either "easy", "medium", "hard", or "extreme" set if ($difficulties[$row['difficulty']] >= mt_rand(0, 100)) { // success } else { // fail (maybe and/or jail?) } There are many ways to achieve your desired effect; experiment as see what works for you
  8. Provide us with the code. We can't help you if you're only posting your guesses to it
  9. Open a ticket about it. Dave may be able to work with you on this 🙂
  10. If I understand correctly, effectively mirroring MCC v2's forums.php into GL
  11. Mmkay, back on topic, please.
  12. The template, in my opinion isn't great. The colour scheme hurts my eyes and reminds me of baby poop. Sections are spaced out well enough to set some eye-catching stuff. I'd say you've got a few concepts in there I like, but not the best of executions. As for the rest of you; you are welcome to share your opinion about this template on this topic as the OP requested it (a dangerous thing to do on the internet, but ya know..). At no point was slating each other on the table. Rein it in, please.
  13. Community-driven translations from native speakers! Use constants, arrays, a database; whatever gets you valid translations in context.
  14. Somewhat related to the topic; a shim is just a file of functions with the old names doing the new things. To use, you'd simply include it into a core file
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