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  1. dshafik's php7-mysql-shim may be of use to you here. Easiest way to implement, I feel, is through Composer. Simply require the package in, include the vendor's autoload.php, go! Failing that, grab a copy of src/mysql.php (in the same Git repo), upload said copy to your files, include it before running any code that requires PHP5.4. There are certain methods that cannot be replicated, even with a shim. However, you're less likely to run into these using game engines currently available on MWG.
  2. Running multi-PHP versions side-by-side is possible. Getting relevant information now Addition; while I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term replacement, a "shim" can be a very useful tool while migrating versions. In this case, a PHP5.4 shim would allow you to continue running 5.4 code on a 7 system. Update: MWG does support PHP5.4! (along with 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 - at the time of writing)
  3. - What are point packs? - How do they work on your site? I'm guessing they're a trade of some kind. If so, what can be obtained in return? - Again, if trade; are these point packs to be a direct "pay x points, get y benefits immediately", are they usable items, or something else entirely? - What are coin packs? - How do they work on your site? You imply that Coins are a premium currency, so I hazard a guess at a form of donator pack. - Is "coin packs" to be taken literally; i.e., a pack of coins? Or are they to be something traded into return for existing coins?
  4. It is odd that an invalid database connection would lead to a 404. Mind sharing a little more info, should anyone else happen to run into this?
  5. If @gamble's solution isn't any good for you, I've seen this in use in the past
  6. You've misunderstood a joke and taken it as attitude, then a position check. Nice. I'm sooo inclined to actually help you now. Back when I was coding on a phone, I used Droid-Edit. It allowed console access for locally-running scripts. Failing that, head to about:debug in a Chromium-based Android browser to access console output
  7. Got an .htaccess file hiding somewhere? There could be directives within it overriding intended behaviour
  8. To what does the URL change when you attempt to click on a link within your city?
  9. Relatively certain his statement was directed to me - similar sentiment from me though
  10. Lol @ you @Sim Not only the wrong word for the intended meaning, but a word from Old and Middle English; suggesting it's simply not in use anymore. That's the trouble with using older language - contexts are different. How about stop being a young me and drop the attitude; it ain't gonna help you in this world
  11. Easy way to check. Does /inc/updates.php exist? If not, it's v1
  12. Then you're likely running gRPG v2. You'll be happy to know we have an active community 🙂
  13. Downloaded freely, or through @AdamHull?
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