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  1. Magictallguy

    Mysql Shim

    Please note that shims are designed to be used temporarily while you update your code.
  2. Some people have a certain playlist, others set autoplay on YouTube/Spotify and let it do its thing. Me? I listen to a lot of ghettofunk, ska, electroswing when coding. I find it helps me keep pace. Right now, YouTube's doing its thing and has landed on Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb - after having played Shake Your Tailfeather from the Blues Brothers. So, what's your bag? What gets you in the drive to work/do your thing?
  3. Magictallguy


    Is this the part where everyone quietly PMs Guest with links to .. the adult materials. Moreover, is this the part where everyone quietly reveals their kinks to Guest?
  4. 15 years of dev, used multiple editors and IDEs in the past. Found Atom and haven't looked back. Current setup:
  5. Then there's people like me. I like both equally
  6. How have I not heard of this before?
  7. I'm running Ubuntu, so after installing a LAMP stack, I'm also testing localhost. If it's design work (rare), I'll spin up my Android VM and make sure it looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop Edit: I realised this is off-topic straight after posting. Will remove if requested
  8. If nothing else, I'm curious.
  9. I've avoided tagging the gRPG posts with the same tags as MCC because I figured that'd confuse things down the road. Speaking of which.. @Dave, wut are we doin' with the gRPG tags? Thar be 2 versions (and I've been quietly planning a MongoDB release, but shhhh)
  10. gRPG v1 (by Publius) was procedural MySQL. gRPV v2 (by us) does indeed use one of my PDO wrapper classes
  11. Carnal Cove started as MC Codes. A standard module for MCC would not work on CC without edits, but I'd be happy to put in the time. Looking for an actively-managed-but-still-MCC-at-the-core site might be trying to find piss in the sea - it exists, but we don't talk about it xD
  12. Welcome and welcome back! ^.^
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