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  1. SELECT * FROM some_table WHERE text_column IS NOT NULL ORDER BY some_column
  2. Magictallguy

    Work Setups

    Gross! Use literally any Jetbrains product
  3. Got a weird character for your newline? C_playerPerc=:playerPerc -- here WHERE
  4. Don't change vendor files! Make a custom.css (or equivalent) and source it in after the bootstrap.css
  5. Magictallguy

    Work Setups

    That cable management, though ❤️
  6. Strongly recommending a VESA desk-mount. I've got one for my dual screens and it really does save space. Here's pretty much the one I'm using, though they do come with more arms
  7. Welp, my mistake! Does your server have some form of control panel? If so, and if it's cPanel, the directions above stand. If it's Plesk, then you'll need to visit the domain, click on Databases in the top right menu, then phpMyAdmin. The "how to navigate phpMyAdmin" part still stands here too. If it's something else (or nothing), let me know and I'll see if I can provide a walk-through for ya - if not, someone else probably can
  8. Note: This walkthrough is based on the freely-available Gangster-Legends-V2 repo. I do not have access to a paid copy. Log into your database. If memory serves, you've previously stated you're hosting with MWG; so you'll be able to do this via your cPanel by clicking on phpMyAdmin and selecting your database. Once you're on your database, click on the SQL tab. If you've got this far, you're prepared to restore the table. Copy lines 9 - 20 of install/schema.sql From CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `crimes` ( all the way to ) DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; Paste it into the SQL t
  9. Bah, humbug! Have a ... day!
  10. Think ya should go through 'em, fix 'em, and submit a pull request 😉
  11. What if you were to release a modding guide? Ya know, a list of Dos and Don'ts when it comes to modding GLv2. 3rd-party modders would then be enabled to do as they want while keeping in line with the engine's systems, ultimately not breaking the mod (hopefully)
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