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  1. Is there anybody out there?
  2. Uh-huh.. Keep reading 😛 Nah, serious note though, welcome to MWG! ^.^
  3. Out of scope and invalid markup
  4. Based purely on function name alone; you're not returning an image with your equipment, only a name.
  5. I forgot define accepted a 3rd arg! Never saw the point in it though.
  6. Capitalise it. djlk34jlk -> DJLK34JLK
  7. Then there's something updating it on every load. How have you set up the refill?
  8. .. Yes. You want to subtract miningpower. The code you've posted is written to use `$MSI['mine_power_use']`. `$MSI` is an associative array coming from the table mining_data. In that table, there should be some rows (run the query below). Do all the rows in that table have a mine_power_use of at least 1? SELECT * FROM mining_data
  9. This is a user-created module, not an original part of the engine. The code appears to check out at first glance. Does the corresponding row in your database have a value for mine_power_use?
  10. Until a better fit can be found, the DBAD License
  11. About £3000 if you've got it spare please
  12. I remember this argument from the days of old; so allow me to bring forward a piece of wisdom from that time. It is not for you to decide whether the author's asking price is too much or too little. All you can do is decide whether it's too much or too little for you. Let's turn the tables for a moment. Let's say you've worked for hours (even days!) on something you intend to release. At the completion of that project, you've got not only the time you spent on writing it, but the time and effort that went into learning how to do it. You (the author) may decide you should be financially rewarded by whomever wishes to use the result of your time and effort. Now, what if I told you that the price you put on your product is unfair or unacceptable? What if you were in a superstore? Would you tell the cash registrar that the price on the item you've already picked up is too much, or would you realise the situation and either pay for it or put it back? Note for future reference: You don't have to like the price of something to respect what went into it. Be mindful, please.
  13. You're welcome to gravedig, but please don't be a dick about it ?
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