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  1. I can definitely understand your feelings on this, but I do have valid reason as to why I cannot currently provide the source
  2. Source, though I cannot currently provide it
  3. Aye, my apologies on that. Had a few things go wrong IRL
  4. Magictallguy

    Mysql Shim

    Welp, time to eat my own words - I actually have a use-case for this! (specifically, running RC Engine dated October 2014 - wanted to see it)
  5. I'm not entirely sure if that's been implemented yet Edit: Both your account and the demo account have been marked as validated
  6. I'm a firm believer in "archive everything" - it serves as a form of progress marker; a way of saying "this is from where we started"
  7. 3 games come to mind instantly. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, Jet Grind Radio/Jet Set Radio for the Sega DreamCast, and Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock for the Xbox 360. They share top spot because the gaming styles are far too different to be given a fair comparison. A close second place, for me, has gotta be Halo. Halo's the reason I got an Xbox - not to mention the awesome sequel to Jet Set Radio: Jet Set Radio Future. Halo 3 led me to the Xbox 360, and that led me to GH3.. Man, I spent sooooo many hours on that game. Hell, the reason I started playing the guitar was because of one of the achievements in GH3!
  8. "Please note that this code contains short tags, SQL injection vulnerabilities and deprecated calls throughout." And the rest.. 😛
  9. You feign your own death, then demand that I "man up" after voicing my issue with your methods?
  10. TL;DR: NonStopCoding is no longer part of gRPG. As such, any trading with him regarding any official gRPG v2 product is not endorsed or authorised by us. We initially received a report concerning the resale of a gRPG v2 license. This report first alleged the seller of said license to be a less-than-reputable trader. A few messages later and we quickly uncovered multiple truths. NonStopCoding has completed unauthorised sales of the gRPG v2 engine. Some of these sales have been at a fraction of the official price, a couple have been considerably more. At no point has he informed either myself or @adamhull of anything. Furthermore, the version of the code he was sending around the place is an outdated version - a release candidate before hotfixes/refactors were applied. Unfortunately, this means NonStopCoding has stolen from us, stolen from the buyers, selectively withheld information, lied to everyone involved, and brought shame upon us. Effectively immediately, NonStopCoding has been dismissed from the gRPG development team and we will be pursing the matter legally. This is not a name and shame. This is an announcement from gRPG and a warning to everyone; let the buyer beware
  11. Magictallguy


    Atom and the package Remote FTP (natively supports SFTP too) - completely free and highly extensible
  12. That being said, some of us were greatly saddened by the loss - then to find out it was a bow out? Nah, not keen. I get it, I do, I just can't gel with it yet
  13. Oh, that guy! I haven't seen him around in a while either. Never learned his name
  14. Jimmy? Yeah. I've not seen him for a lengthy time, come to think about it. Wonder if he's still got a pulse
  15. It pretty much still is. You've got 4 options here. - Eat (takeouts/cafes/restaurants for miles) - Drink (pubs for miles) - Watch films (cinema) - Leave That's pretty much it
  16. Pfftahahaha. I'll have the puke bucket ready!
  17. Magictallguy

    Plugin System

    Could this be of use to you?
  18. If you're a little strapped for cash, I feel that Atom is great free alternative
  19. I'm gonna end up writing v3 myself and selling 'em the rights xD
  20. Yes I'm sure it would! Wouldn't you agree, @ColdBlooded? 😛
  21. No, sorry. Your history catches up with you - even here!
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