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  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening people! I have a template for sale. Comes with 8 images, coded with html & css as seen below. Bidding starts from $30.
  2. Good morning, Thank you for the feedback & help! @[email protected] @Magictallguy I have made the font colour of the Dojo EXP gain to the standard colour of the game and made it bold so it is more easier to view. I have also, made when a user that has not logged in before show the correct date/time of when they have logged in. As for the template, it was gifted to me by a user called @Florian_ when I first released Samurai Assault (My game back then). So, I was not aware the CSS has been copy & pasted instead of the bootstrap library being used. I will need guidance f
  3. SAMURAI CONFLICT Hello all, I have been working on Samurai Conflict over the year. I am nearly done with the game. Just have to add in few more modifications and update a few more. There is currently no content e.g. shops, houses etc. I will be working on a story line and will have a plan soon on how the games economy will be maintained. I just need advice what is best to do at the moment and what your suggestions are e.g. add/remove this feature; this is a good strategy in order to maintain the game. There are many missing links or broken pages. (Due to be fixed or added.) However,
  4. If anyone can help me out to test the game out for any errors and help please send me a PM!
  5. He smoked a splif. Got fried, and his brain started to work wonders.
  6. @ags_cs4- Lmao, I remember you. I got confused as when I went on your portfolio I was thinking you as PHPKiller. Thanks man I appreciate the love.
  7. @ags_cs4 hey, can you remind me who you are? I believe you are using a new name. Thanks for the suggestion! I am bringing Samurai Assault back to life very soon.
  8. Hello, my name is . I know how to use Microsoft Office Package (Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Access). I do not mind Admin work.
  9. Hello, I have switched from my MacBook back to my desktop which is operating Windows 10. I need an alternative of Sequel Pro as they do not support Windows. Let me know what you use and why you use it. Thank you!
  11. Still throws the same error
  12. define('djlk34jlk', true, true); -> Throws an error: PHP Deprecation Notice: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated (8192) Now I searched for how to fix it to be honest I just didn't understand on how to fix it
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