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  1. Wowwowow I literally remember this mod like it was just yesterday... The amount of color schemes/styles a game could have was awesome. Especially if you was good at CSS you could seriously change the look of a game without having to change the actual design.
  2. Now that was a fast turnaround! #Magical 😁
  3. Hi all. If anyone around here owns/plays switch then throw your Nintendo ID here. Always looking for new people to game with. Also, current switch players... What games are ya'll playing right now?
  4. I don't know how I stumbled across this mod, but man... This was a good addition to games! I still remember this being used back in the day. Good work MTG.
  5. I'm down. Account ID?
  6. You are most welcome, sir! I've never been thanked for a reply before, I kinda like this... from now on I'd actually prefer it if all could thank me for my replies. You're welcome, Zeddicus.
  7. This is straight up one of my favorite shows. I haven't seen the latest season but when I get time I'll be watching it for sure. Anyone else around here watch/watched it?
  8. Zeddicus

    BootSrap 5

    I for one would love to see a BS5.
  9. Zeddicus

    COD MW

    I got permanently banned from MW: Warzone because I didn't realize that a modding tool for FIFA was running in the background... Sadly, perma bans really are forever... It sucks because now I have to make another account and just play on that one! 🤓
  10. Comments can NOT be taken back, they are here to stay. 🤓
  11. I agree! - It's deep but... Hilarious. ;) If anyone can make a 3rd season work I'm sure It's Ricky!
  12. Zeddicus


    Oh, Hello sniko... I don't think I even know you, so it's such a pleasure to meet you 😉
  13. Hi. I'll update this post when I get the chance to play the game. I tried signing up and got the following: Your password must be 10 or less characters long Might I suggest removing that? I completely understand a minimum size for a password but a maximum character count of 10 is very small. LINKS Redirect to external pages that don't work. https://mafia-streets.com/l.php?u=https://www.https://mafia-streets.com/tasklist.php https://mafia-streets.com/l.php?u=https://www.https://mafia-streets.com/lucky_dip.php https://mafia-streets.com/l.php?u=https://www.https://mafia-streets.com/downtown.php https://mafia-streets.com/l.php?u=https://www.https://mafia-streets.com/city.php https://mafia-streets.com/l.php?u=https://www.https://mafia-streets.com/guide.php https://mafia-streets.com/l.php?u=https://www.https://mafia-streets.com/forum/6.php
  14. The last game I had which I sold was bringing me in around 1000/1200 on a 7 day basis. The key to donations which has always worked for me is to not go over the top on donation packages and to limit how many packages are available. Don't go adding 100 potions to a package just for more money, It's all in the quality of the package and the rarity of the items involved. Example: If SET_ITEM is already readily available in the game and you then add it to a package it pretty much makes it useless in terms of marketing the donation. Side note: When it comes to items don't go crazy, don't make "THE MOST POWERFUL SWORD IN THE GAME" because you then limit yourself for item progression in the future and clearly states that your game is just a Pay-to-win based game. Players HATE that. I also made sure that donation packages themselves are items. I always allowed players to send/trade/sell the donation packages that they purchased. If I remember correctly I had 3 packages (Small $3/Medium$8/Large$15) - a X-large was added on special events/holidays. BELOW TAKEN FROM MY GAME FILES Item: Donator Pack (S) In exchange for supporting the game, this donator pack includes the following rewards; 50 points Donation Status up to 30 days A Donator Pack deposited into your inventory that will provide the benefits of the package you bought. Donator Packs also include points that can either be used by yourself or sold in-game to another player. You can buy multiple donator packs at the same time! Your energy bar will refill faster! You will receive 10 extra searches per day! You will be granted access to a hidden tavern in town once a day for a special pick me up! You can sell donator packs on the item market/auction market to other players for in-game currency! I never ran BOGOS. (Just shows that you want money) I could go on for hours about methods that worked for me over the years, on 2 different games. At the end of the day it comes down to "why should I donate?" I was heavily involved in my community at all times, I would always respond to messages even If my schedule was crazy. I was active in the forums, I would run lots of polls within the community the gauge the feedback and opinions of those who play my game. A lot of game owners don't realize that the game is a 24hr job, I would wake up through the night at 4am and log on for 20/30 minutes or so just to respond and reply to players. This made sure that they knew I cared about the game and that I'm there to serve them in creating a better game and community for all involved. ALSO, You may like to add a feature to your game but If the ones playing it don't care for said feature, you're not pleasing them at all. Interact as much as possible, forums, polls, feedback, suggestions it all counts and makes a huge difference. If you are in it for just cash then the game will likely NEVER succeed, do it because you enjoy it, you enjoy interacting with the community and just enjoy the experience. I better stop there, I'm not even sure I said what I was supposed to say but anyway.
  15. They sure are. I'm excited to see what you can do with MWG.
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