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  1. Here I have my pirate theme made for me by Dayo, But im now currently takeing a different approach so please im open to offers.
  2. So I’m after a new attack system what actually shows the fight between you and the other member? I don’t like the kill feature so was wondering if anyone had converted a gRPG or MCC attack system
  3. Yeah I will look into this thanks for the feedback
  4. Thanks 😊 Thank you
  5. i already have your item system
  6. Deand2331

    My new game

    www.thelostseas.com Hello all this is my new game and is still under construction, got some things to change and some thing to add but just thought I would share my game with you all to look at as it’s very different from other GL games. please feel free to give any advice or support thanks for looking.
  7. i agree with you urban already has this but hes not releasing it anytime soon and i need it now lol
  8. So we have the basic donation page but what I would like is the option to make packages like points packs cash packs bullets pick even items. my game is pirate themed so would be great to be able to make a chest containing things like random amount of cash bullets and points. But would also like the option to create the packages. Let me know what you guys can offer and please feel free to look at my game, it’s brand new just working through some things but all feed back is greatly welcomed www.thelostseas.com
  9. Looking for a hall of fame to basically let all members know where they stand on the leaderboard, Will need to contain Strength, Agility, Guard and Labour also maybe money.
  10. let me know when this is available i will take one regardless of the price
  11. ok great thanks for the input i will take it on board but to be fair with you thats my best seller lol alot of donations for that package brilliant thank you for that i will get right to that
  12. $30 ?? Its $3 lol but thanks for the feed back 10 Coins = $1 USD its 30 coins for the members ship
  13. So here is my game www.mafia-streets.com feel free to come and look about. I accept all criticism constructive or bad. But it's working out alright for me. Also please feel free to give me any pointers on what could be done differently. Thanks for looking.
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