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  1. After taking a look at prison struggle adams game and mafia shots version of gdrp I have decided to look into it I see a lot of potential love your work and game Maybe it wasn't Mafia Shot it was a website sold I think it was made by MWG Here's the game I was thinking of Every GRPGV1 That has had some work done to it that i've seen looks amazing
  2. I would like to see some work from other developers 🙂
  3. Is there any known security risks I should get out of the way? Very excited to get to work and see what GL has to offer
  4. Thanks alot I've downloaded
  5. Thank you both for the suggestions I'm only 17 haha so I'm lacking the funds what does everyone suggest in the v1 GL v1 Mccode V1 or GDRP v1
  6. So here I am wondering if there is anyone within this community has there very own customized with mods v1 that they have no use for anymore and would be willing to give it to me with it to save me alot of hours (I know it's a long shot but i thought why not)
  7. @Dave Yeah he is getting me a year of cpanel we are just wondering how we would go about it?
  8. Annonymous


    Hmm I'll definitely have to look into the matter speak with some more people with experience lets just hope in my country it isn't extremely hard haha
  9. Annonymous


    Is it still possible to use your personal and if that's the case what are the security risks?
  10. Annonymous


    How hard is it to get a business paypal @Dayo
  11. You would honestly buy me a year free hosting? @SRB you have no idea how much that would mean to me,
  12. looking for the best of the best free hosting that provides everything to help maintain the website must have cpanel
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