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  1. I think it is too much bright red. It may need just a tad bit more color and tone down the red color a little. Maybe make it a “gradient”
  2. Well besides that lol
  3. To start, 1. Are you using SSL? I believe your endpoints for PayPal have to be served over HTTPS 2. Did you recently update your PHP version? You may be getting an error that is stopping page execution due to something that may now be considered an error. 3. Have you checked your error logs?
  4. Ok, I see what you are doing there. One more recommendation: You should return a result if nothing is found for whatever reason. If there isn’t any rows, it returns absolutely nothing at all because $result is only defined if there are rows found
  5. For your class like that (especially with classes like GRPG V1) you could use the __get($var) magic method to retrieve all your stats so that you don’t have to keep editing your array each time you make a change to the database
  6. You can try this out https://www.pagecloud.com/blog/how-to-add-custom-fonts-to-any-website
  7. Just nod if you can hear me
  8. What does your method look like? Preferably where you are “building” your element to the page
  9. I will have to try this out later after I download this engine so I have all the same stuff as you but for those interested here is a screenshot
  10. Let me try and fix it for you real quick because this can go on forever <?php require("globals.php"); echo "<h3>Your Equipment</h3><hr /> <div class='row'> <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Primary Weapon "; if (!empty($ir['equip_primary'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_primary'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_primary'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_primary']); } else { echo "No Weapon"; } echo " </div> </div> </div>"; echo " <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Secondary Weapon "; if (!empty($ir['equip_secondary'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_secondary'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_secondary'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_secondary']); } else { echo "No Weapon"; } echo " </div> </div> </div>"; echo " <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Armor "; if (!empty($ir['equip_armor'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_armor'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_armor'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_armor']); } else { echo "No Armor"; } echo " </div> </div> </div> </div><br/>"; echo "<div class='row'> <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Pet "; if (!empty($ir['equip_pet'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_pet'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_pet'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_pet']); } else { echo "No pet"; } echo " </div> </div> </div>"; echo "<div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Head "; if (!empty($ir['equip_head'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_head'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_head'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_head']); } else { echo "No head"; } echo " </div> </div> </div> </div>"; echo "<hr /> <h3>Your Inventory</h3><hr />"; $inv = $db->query( "SELECT `inv_qty`, `itmsellprice`, `itmid`, `inv_id`, `effect1_on`, `effect2_on`, `effect3_on`, `weapon`, `armor`, `pet`, `head`, `itmtypename`, `itmdesc`, `itmpic` FROM `inventory` AS `iv` INNER JOIN `items` AS `i` ON `iv`.`inv_itemid` = `i`.`itmid` INNER JOIN `itemtypes` AS `it` ON `i`.`itmtype` = `it`.`itmtypeid` WHERE `iv`.`inv_userid` = {$userid} ORDER BY `i`.`itmtype` ASC, `i`.`itmname` ASC"); echo "<b>Your items are listed below.</b><br /> <table class='table table-bordered table-striped'> <thead> <tr> <th>Item Img</th> <th>Item (Qty)</th> <th class='hidden-xs-down'>Item Cost (Total)</th> <th>Links</th> </tr></thead>"; $lt = ""; while ($i = $db->fetch_row($inv)) { if ($lt != $i['itmtypename']) { $lt = $i['itmtypename']; $itmpic = ($i['itmpic']) ? "<img src='{$i['itmpic']}' class='thumbnail' style='background-color: transparent;' width='50px' height='50px'>" : ''; echo "\n<thead><tr> <th colspan='4'> <b>{$lt}</b> </th> </tr></thead>"; } $i['itmdesc'] = htmlentities($i['itmdesc'], ENT_QUOTES); echo "<tr> <td> {$itmpic} </td> <td> <a href='iteminfo.php?ID={$i['itmid']}' data-toggle='tooltip' data-placement='right' title='{$i['itmdesc']}'> {$api->SystemItemIDtoName($i['itmid'])} </a>"; if ($i['inv_qty'] > 1) { echo " (" . number_format($i['inv_qty']) . ")"; } echo "</td> <td class='hidden-xs-down'>" . number_format($i['itmsellprice']); echo " (" . number_format($i['itmsellprice'] * $i['inv_qty']) . ")"; echo "</td> <td> [<a href='itemsend.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Send</a>] [<a href='itemsell.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Sell</a>]"; if ($i['effect1_on'] == 'true' || $i['effect2_on'] == 'true' || $i['effect3_on'] == 'true') { echo " [<a href='itemuse.php?item={$i['inv_id']}'>Use</a>]"; } if ($i['weapon'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=weapon&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip Weapon</a>]"; } if ($i['armor'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=armor&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip armor</a>]"; } if ($i['pet'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=pet&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip pet</a>]"; } if ($i['head'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=head&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip head</a>]"; } echo "</td> </tr>"; } echo "</table>"; $db->free_result($inv); $h->endpage();
  11. I updated my last post as well
  12. to: $itmpic = ($id['itmpic']) ? "<img src='{$id['itmpic']}' class='thumbnail' style='background-color: transparent;' width='50' height='50'>" : '';
  13. My response fixes your inventory images. You need to get your equipped images working now right? This is the default MCC inventory page up at the top that queries your equipped items: $q = $db->query( "SELECT `itmid`, `itmname` FROM `items` WHERE `itmid` IN({$ir['equip_primary']}, {$ir['equip_secondary']}, {$ir['equip_armor']})"); echo "<h3>Equipped Items</h3><hr />"; $equip = array(); while ($r = $db->fetch_row($q)) { $equip[$r['itmid']] = $r; } $db->free_result($q); echo "<table width='75%' cellspacing='1' class='table'> <tr> <th>Primary Weapon</th> <td>"; if (isset($equip[$ir['equip_primary']])) { print $equip[$ir['equip_primary']]['itmname'] . "</td><td><a href='unequip.php?type=equip_primary'>Unequip Item</a></td>"; } else { echo "None equipped.</td><td>&nbsp;</td>"; } You need to update the query to add your item pic column and then your pic would be shown like: print "<img src='{$equip[$ir['equip_primary']]['itempic']}'/>";
  14. Move that down into your while loop a few lines down and then close your class attribute thingy with a single quote. For your equipped images, that requires a little bit more work since you are not querying the database for item information other than in your api class you are using. In order to fix that you need to query the information from the database. If you did that you would have no use for the api class though or you would have more queries running than you need
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