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  1. A little old but I made something similar to this
  2. I think one of the biggest game killers is probably an inflated economy. You can have tons of content, and a good story line but have too much money in the game to where people can buy anything and everything which kills the fun. Bottom line, create some sort of currency pit. I am also a huge fan of having almost everything locked unless they meet certain criteria. You could have some sort of flag in your database that decides if they can get/use X. Even if my last point is not taken into consideration, at least they have something to look forward to.
  3. It looks like your variable should be “effects” and not “effect”. You have $data['effects'] = array('effects',...); Both keys are plural
  4. What script is this? It doesn’t look like a MCC file and all I see is “General Discussion” so I can’t tell if this is part of an engine sub forum. With that being said, depending on how you database class is set up (I assume this is not going to be the case because it’s just a query and not a result set) your $mysql variable is NULL. Majority of the time by default you can probably achieve the results you want by changing it to $db since most engines Instantiate the class using that variable. Since I can’t tell what engine you are using, it’s real difficult to tell if that’
  5. To expand on that what @Magictallguy said, if you read that repo and follow the links, the author suggests this package as an alternative and looks really promising.
  6. Lets just say for example a player kills another player, you can add a hook to insert a chat line saying "So and so just killed player so and so". It would just be like kind of "Global Events"
  7. You should add one. I’m not sure if you can make it from the “system” for example
  8. new Hook("alterGlobalTemplate", function ($template) { $template->error = "<strong>ERROR:</strong> <{text}>"; }); You can try the alterGlobalTemplate hook
  9. I just logged in/out several times and I couldnt produce the error though I do have the latest version
  10. No I haven’t tried just yet. Maybe in the am I can give her a test run
  11. That is an odd one to say the least. I tried looking at the login/user class and I wonder if changing line 36 from: if (isset($userExists["U_id"])) { $user = new User($userExists["U_id"]); to: if($user = new User($userExists["U_id"])) { Would yield a different result or wrapping it in try/catch. You should probably be putting this stuff in the issue tracker on github though too
  12. 24,583 views. If I had at least a penny for each
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