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  1. You were actually one of the main reasons I created this lol. I know you program a lot (if not 100%) on your phone
  2. Im sure it could be fixed up a bit. I don't have the files myself though
  3. $query = $mysql->query("SELECT `usr_id`, `usr_stat` AS offenses FROM `usr_tbl` ORDER BY `offenses` DESC LIMIT 25"); $result = $mysql->fetch($query); $offenses = explode($result['offenses]); print $offenses[6]; You can't really do what you want to do in MySQL unless you create a function and I don't know if that is possible for everyone to do depending on your hosting. But if it is something you would want to look into you can look here
  4. I would have personally serialized it but I guess you could explode it and get the index number you want
  5. Thank you but this one isn’t free. If you really want to tip me you can do it here though https://paypal.me/kyleisboss
  6. Hello MWG, I just uploaded a new module to the market place and figured I would showcase it a little for once it gets approved. This is a file editor for your ACP and uses Ace Editor to modify your files. It acts similar to most of your IDEs in regards to some keyboard shortcuts like saving, find/replace, etc and also has a little helper by pressing Ctrl+h or cmd+h. I also tried to make it so you don't accidentally lose any unsaved changes by navigating away since your last save and I also added some screenshots fo you to take a look Code View Navigating a
  7. Version 1.0.0

    This module will allow you to edit your module files in your ACP. It uses Ace Editor which comes bundled in this module to modify your files. I even took some basic precautions to alert you if you have any unsaved changes so you don't accidentally navigate away without saving. This works similar to most IDEs (command wise) so basic keystrokes that you are used to should work like saving, adding comments, code folding, etc.
  8. I wouldn’t think in an application like a web based game it matters all that much. Now if your handling 10s of thousands of transactions at a time, then maybe 1 hit to the database would be easier on your resources and be more efficient.
  9. How about an update to the templating system? Instead of the template data being a property you could make a method be the "view" since you have limited ability with a property. So in *.admin.php: $this->page->buildElement('templateData', $vars) Would render in *.tpl.php public function templateData() { //in here I can access the $vars array data } I think that would provide much more flexibility in the long run
  10. Its not a "file editor", more like a "file generator" Pushed an update Zip/download modules Updated dockblocks A bug fix with some of the stubs Added a few more core features for the module.json file For people who want to see what it does:
  11. Version 1.1.0


    Module Creator allows a game owner to create a module on the fly within the ACP with 7 stock stubs for important file types for your game. Hook TPL Admin Stylesheet Script Admin Stylesheet Admin Script If you view the included hook file, it does show a basic usage to hook a new file type. More stubs could be added via hooks if new files get released for the engine allowing the ability to customize even more. Planned Updates Zip modules for release - DONE More customization for the stubs - DONE Code cleanup
  12. This seems all messed up. You are saying you cant have a blank message if you are not setting a title and saying you can have a blank title if you are not setting a message. This whole thing is wonky
  13. Quick Update I think I finally got the admin part of the module creation done. You are able to add multiple methods and a Menu Group. The admin section only shows if you select the "Admin" stub as well. Maybe tomorrow I can upload it and let you guys mess around with it and maybe make it better. Like I mentioned before, its an eye sore and needs some better validation since I am pretty sure it is relatively easy to break. Upon approval the module should be found here:
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