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  1. Heathen. I don’t even think ketchup is a sauce. It’s more of a condiment in my opinion.
  2. Not interested in the project myself but I do have to say that this is a clean looking game so good luck in your hunt. Some things you may wish to mention though is: Is this an active game? If so, how many active users? What engine is this?
  3. KyleMassacre


    Just curious about this. I stumbled upon it a while back and was wondering if anyone else has taken a gander at it? For those that don’t know AdonisJs is a node version of Laravel. I have tinkered around with it here and there and from what I can tell it has most of the things that Laravel has. It uses Edge for templating (basically Blade), Lucid ORM (Eloquent), routes, middleware, Service Providers, etc.
  4. Oh wow. I haven’t talked to him in some time, it’s been about a year on Slack. This is a huge bummer. I’ll spread the word out to another forum he used to frequent.
  5. Is there some romance in the air?❤️😘😍🥰🤮
  6. This is probably going to sound awful but I was unaware that WV would have internet like that haha. When I think West Virginia, I think of all the stereotypes
  7. Not necessarily, you just have to be a “delegate”. I don’t know the exact term but basically you don’t have to be the owner of the rights but some sort of representative. I used to issue numerous DMCAs on behalf of MCC and even wrote a fancy little script when I was revamping their admin panel that would check if it was a licensed domain and send an email to the email associated to the domain and an email to the email associated with the hosting provider’s support through their ICANN records
  8. I have not actually dabbled in the json field type. I just haven’t personally needed to use (to my knowledge) so I never bothered to look it up. It seems as though it would work really well with some sort of dynamic player map like an export of something from Tiled
  9. I agree but also agree with Alan here. There are just some pros/cons to both. I mean, if we came up from scratch it would be more fulfilling and we would only be bound by our own code. But on the flip side to that, we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. I am just torn
  10. It is quite old but I would say forgive it. I don’t know exactly when MWG went down but as a matter of fact just for the hell of it I spun up a new instance of MCC and ran into the same thing. MySQL doesn’t allow for this anymore but reading the docs it appears you can circumvent it by finding text NOT NULL DEFAULT '' and replacing with text NOT NULL DEFAULT ('')
  11. You do raise some valid points here but I would like to respectfully disagree solely based on what I believe the objective is. Just note that I could be completely wrong here. From my understanding with zero evidence is that the point of this is more along the lines of like a “MWG Welcome Back Community Engagement Project”. For a “personal” project, I think everything you stated would be spot on. Sure, with the combine knowledge of anyone here that is taking the slightest bit of interest in this, we could create a killer end product. Using a framework like Laravel for example imho would be ideal for a community type project where you potentially have everyone’s hands in the cookie jar because of the standards it sets forth from the get. Take a gander at a lot of the sub forums here for any particular engine, go to the free section and pick a thread. What do you see? Probably a lot of *explative* code that doesn’t work and a laundry list of files you have to edit/add/replace for a single database call. At least with some (for lack of a better term) major open source framework, that type of thing is very minimal. It may just end up being: “Add this trait to `SomeClass`“,or “this class needs to inherit that class”. I just think using something like this in the end makes it easier for everyone. Like to use Vue? Go for it! Like HTML better? Blade isn’t too far off. Want a different language? Just edit the language files.
  12. If you weren’t too concerned with using all custom code with this there are a few things out there like a modules plugin for people to easily create modules within their own app/namespace easily without having to mess with their composer file in the root. And just enforce Contracts. This would really only be difficult to the “Core” developers but easy for “module” developers because basically they just have to connect the dots
  13. I think this is one of the many reason why to use a framework. Something like Laravel contains everything needed to make whatever you decide to make. When you run laravel new appName in your console you are actually creating a bootstrapped Laravel app because Laravel is actually contained in “laravel/framework” not “laravel/laravel” repo. I honestly don’t see the need in recreating the wheel. Plus, it’s extremely modular! Need to enter new rows into the db when a user signs up? Just listen for the Registered event with your custom listener
  14. I just actually started doing the same thing except I was leaning more towards Electron for a desktop app. Vue isn’t that difficult, I myself just don’t understand Vuex at all so I always opt out of it.
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