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  1. Is this a complete rebuild? - nice work and the very best of luck. 🙂 Edit: Read the marketplace ad
  2. Open source MCCV2, so the community still benefits from the majority of it's content?
  3. Djkanna

    Prison Reloaded

    I unfortunately broke it.
  4. Could be Stripe, or any payment merchant ( or whatever they're known as ) - IPN isn't specific to PayPal. On the same note: Stripe IPN: https://github.com/denis-dima/stripe-ipn 🙂 (nb: No idea on the code quality/working, just first thing on Google... )
  5. Djkanna

    Where to start

    Happy to donate my copy of MCCV2, if it's something you're interested in. ( no use for it personally ) (edit: Assuming the transfer option still works )
  6. Djkanna

    AJAX help

    Works fine for me, anything specific to give (error messages? - Codepen has a console )
  7. Djkanna

    Laravel Vapor

    You'd only spend the $40/month on the analgesic relief to numb the pain anyway 😂😂 Never used Lavarel so it's not much good to me personally, but I can see the benefits. Often a little jealous, why didn't we think of these things all those years ago...
  8. Djkanna

    AJAX help

    No problem, if you genuinely have an issue implementing it into your code shoot me a message I'll try and lend a hand. (I'm not active all the time - but I check in every now and again)
  9. Djkanna

    AJAX help

    It's been an extremely long time since I've used jQuery for anything. The following front end script would work with the desired effect, you'll need to modify it to fit into your code though. https://codepen.io/MrDJK/pen/qeqNQM (There will be a better way of doing it I'm sure of it)
  10. Djkanna

    Vouch for meh

    ... Just give away my game plan why don't you!
  11. Djkanna


    Why do I owe more? 😪
  12. Djkanna

    Game icons

    Oddly enough just posted this prior to seeing this in another topic, it's a fantastic resource thanks for sharing! 🙂
  13. If no payment was ever made, therefore I would assume it remains yours to do with as you wish, therefore you're free to release it into the wild for others to build upon. I am not sure I see the problem or am I just missing something now that the original post has been removed? I wouldn't have removed it, just leave it there. If anyone wants to complain about it, let them complain and just ignore it and leave them to it, at the end of the day leaving your code out there will benefit someone regardless.
  14. I think that's a good idea for sure. I am not sure there is many more 'game' related ones, there's a bunch of generic icon fonts/toolkits that contain some form of game elements but not sure about CSS toolkits/Fonts specifically designed for games. That being said, I'm sure everyone here has their own bookmarks etc so you never know.
  15. There's also: https://nagoshiashumari.github.io/Rpg-Awesome/ https://nostalgic-css.github.io/NES.css/ https://kenney.nl/ https://seiyria.com/gameicons-font/ which may be of some interest to some.
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