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  1. it's a MVVM JS framework - similar to that of React or Angular. https://vuejs.org/
  2. Work life, lots of non-dev related stuffs. Free time nonexistent, am currently toying around with a PBBG with NodeJS and VueJS though.
  3. Djkanna

    Smart rings

    I'm not sure at this moment I see the point, even when the talking and music functionality comes, still not sure of the point this is what we spend literally thousands every year on for our phones. I can see the appeal of opening the doors to your house/garage but then again I equally like the worn out fabric of my back pockets where my keys have been over the years so *shrugs*
  4. Djkanna

    MWG Profile Views

    29k woo? I think.
  5. You could just forgo the need to add another entry into the DB table and just store your images in a folder e.g: cars/ with unique names that correlate to something already in the DB e.g CA_id ( presuming here ) then link the image as cars/{ID}.jpg
  6. Needs a less than 1 hour (averagely) option... 🤣
  7. https://themewagon.com/theme_tag/bootstrap-4-templates/ https://bootstrapious.com/ May help? 🙂
  8. Djkanna

    Coronavirus Impact

    Month later ( I'll call this a bump ) - Also based in the UK, still in a lockdown. In terms of impact, not much in terms of work ( work in the NHS so still going to work everyday ), should this virus not knock me out, the night out following the ease of the lockdown may...
  9. Is this a complete rebuild? - nice work and the very best of luck. ? Edit: Read the marketplace ad
  10. Open source MCCV2, so the community still benefits from the majority of it's content?
  11. Djkanna

    Prison Reloaded

    I unfortunately broke it.
  12. Could be Stripe, or any payment merchant ( or whatever they're known as ) - IPN isn't specific to PayPal. On the same note: Stripe IPN: https://github.com/denis-dima/stripe-ipn ? (nb: No idea on the code quality/working, just first thing on Google... )
  13. Djkanna

    Where to start

    Happy to donate my copy of MCCV2, if it's something you're interested in. ( no use for it personally ) (edit: Assuming the transfer option still works )
  14. Djkanna

    AJAX help

    Works fine for me, anything specific to give (error messages? - Codepen has a console )
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