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  1. Djkanna

    Work Setups

    Agreed, do also own the full suite for Jetbrains ( only really use Data Grip ) can't recommend VSCode enough - it's plethora of plugins allow for a pretty robust set up. Primary use case is Vue.
  2. Yeah I agree, it's the most likely thing to happen - same with the national payrises for *some* key workers. ( not bitter ) - it's all got to come from somewhere. Equally the additional funding grants to the NHS & other healthcare services for C19 related services that magically appeared at the end of March.
  3. Wait... ya'll getting free money?
  4. Djkanna

    Work Setups

    I don’t really have a set up, (barely) casual gaming and most of the work I do is on the go or at various locations. An ASUS Zenbook for daily life stuff, literally email/web browsing occasional lite gaming. HP elitebook for work - I work for the NHS this is what they gave me, but it’s not bad for its use case to be fair. Microsoft Surface Pro X - this is more for video conferences and glorified note taker I don’t tend to use this for much else. I see no point in taking pictures of a couple of laptops but heck done it anyway!
  5. Djkanna

    Merry Christmas

    It'll be lonely this Christmas...
  6. Djkanna

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Festive season to you all and all the best for 2021, hopefully a better year to come!
  7. Yes definitely if there's bits you want to learn how to do, just ask on the forums, chances are multiple people will give you multiple ways of achieving it and most will describe in detail. - I imagine most of us don't have the spare time to dedicate a couple of hours discussing with an individual due to work/life balance etc but if you post something this way more than just yourself would benefit from the experience of members - that's not limited to programming either.
  8. It takes a little bit more effort for safety of uploading images, but certainly possible to do. I wrote one for MCCodes that could be converted but I don't think it's still on here now. - if I can find it I will pop it up. 🙂
  9. Really nice looking. One thing that bugged me all your clickable links have a cursor but your "Get a quote" button doesn't. ( it's just odd ha ) Best of luck with your services.
  10. I've not really had a look at the game itself, but if it's set in Italy, why is the background from I want to say Guangzhou, China? - Doesn't really make sense?
  11. Djkanna

    JS get tr ID

    Very true, it's been a while since I've used jQuery but prior .on allowed for event delegation, whereas .click does not - so often opted to use .on opposed .click. Appreciate it may not be necessary here depending on the way Sim is loading in the info, equally may no longer be the case in jQuery *shrugs*
  12. Going by his name, the dude is 28(ish), surely should know better. Sorry you've had to experience this @ags_cs4 but equally thanks for the heads up.
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