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  1. Lithium

    Vouch for meh

    @SRB who are you anyway? 😄
  2. Lithium


    @MTG, that is exactly the point! 😉 @Dave, kid is all grown up these days! Thanks 🙂
  3. Lithium


    <intro> MEH! </endintro>
  4.   Do you actually care? No comments on that!
  5. most likely because you already have something similar and you need to define the image somewhere
  6. Lithium


    Don't think it is available anymore...
  7. You might get quotes, if you specify the work to be done, other than that... no decent coder will reply to you with a fair/decent quote, and it will be a failed collaboration from the start...
  8. users table is set to global correct? If yes... you are doubleing the effort, once again defeating the purpose of being faster ;)
  9. It is not an error, just fails to serve the purpose... lets imagine this... a user gets in jail for lets say 30 minutes, and lets say the wait[time] is 12345 (fictional value just for explanation), and you are running the job/cron/whatever every single second, it will trigger when time = 12346 which means that in practice... the user will be in jail for 1 second not 30 minutes...
  10. this has a small fail... as it will remove every single user from the wait table, basically... immediatelly after you run it... so no hospital/jail time ;)
  11. Relying on crons... is not actually to the second, and if you are intending to make a cron job for that... means you need to run the cron on every second, which is far less than a good idea. Dayo's idea could work on an ideal world, but then again... it will not be to the second. If you bare to have some minimal delay on a not crowded server, go for Dayo's otherwise you could take a look at Mysql Event Scheduler, it might do the trick you need :). I had a simple article i wrote a few years back in here, but I failed to find it. Nevertheless MYsql docs are pretty much explanatory on those.
  12. Points 2 to 4 are quite critical, yet you, use an external 3rd party to manage servers and push a downtime up to 24hours (but can be way more). Simply... NO. No backups? Hell no. Let me clear a point... an account not being logged on, does not mean the service/account is inactive. it can be running perfectly fine, so no need to log on to the account. sniko made a clear question on point 7 and still you failed to answer, you pointed the versions, fact, but failed to answer if they are the latest or the latest stable. And finally , 24 hours notice for whatever changes you are doing on the server, is simply not acceptable. Too little time... A 3 days old domain, sounds fishy to say the least, speccially if you come here asking for donations. (side note: the name Jay does ring a bell, not for good reasons)
  13. [MENTION=68406]-BRAIDZ-[/MENTION], at least you assume you're crap at coding, despite everyone already knows that (don't take it badly, it is not the intention), and sniko also knows we all started basically the same way... sucking at it. Despite sniko's post is correct, there are other ways (and he knows that) to say things, and looking back, you are not much different from him. And I don't think anyone "complained" that way about him, at least that I can recall, making an effort to learn is far better than most of the users that are/were floating around here, and the best way to actually learn. My suggestion, take your time learning, basic questions/doubts/whatever sure, but... only if you get stuck. Try to learn by yourself, resources are basically unlimited.
  14. /me wonders if I should comment on sniko's coding style and skills from 6 years ago....
  15. Isn't notepad enough to do some serious PHP development? O_o
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