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  1. Okay, seems like it would be better of with starting this myself. Would anyone give me advice or recommendations of how to start this off. I seriously want to get this done. If someone can just help me on how to start and what too look at to create a system like this. I would appericate if someone can help. Thank you, Shades.
  2. Is there still a market for this? Is there potential of making money?
  3. Hello, I require a developer who would be able to create a website for me at a price. Unless someone can lead me to the right directions to create it, I am a 15 year old with big dreams and ambitions. Project Name: Locator In this case, there will be three types of users: admin, object and user. Admin - Do everything. Object - Set availability to be booked. Accept, decline or refund booking. Check their timetable or helps create a timetable for object. Set prices of their services. Uploaded previous work. Verified User - Locate Object via postcode or title. View Objects profile. Book an appointment with Object. (Requires a payment). Leave a rating and review after each booking. Content - Login, Registration and Forgotten Password. -> Registration will need mobile number to be verified. Object Registration -> There will also need to be a separate registration for Object users to register. When registration complete, administration will have to verify the user. Objects users are also require to pay a monthly subscription of the service this locator has provided. Therefore, a payment will also be taken when users are registered. When payment missed, Objects will be temporarily withdrawn from the site along with the tools it is provided with until payment is received. Home Page -> A map (e.g. streets of London) where the user will be able to enter a postcode or a name of an Object and it will show pin points on the map with the relevant search (e.g. Object name or nearest to the Object's postcode). When clicking on the pinpoint information should appear of the object. (e.g. objects timetable/availability along with an option to book an appointment with the object.) The information will be basically the objects profile on the map. Booking Appointments System -> When bookings appointments only verified users will be able to book appointments. When a user has booked an appointment the object which has been booked will be given a notification to either accept or decline the booking. A payment will be then processed with either PayPal or via bank transfer or unless the user has selected cash payment (Only available with trusted users.) The booking system should also have a control panel for each objects account to accept or decline a booking or to post their availability. There should also a be a real-time live chat between the object and the user. Refund option should also be given when object has made a mistake. This is what I mainly need. If someone can help me out or give me a quote it will be great.
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