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  1. How do I use OffLoaded MySQL with my website? Can't find anything on it
  2. Send a screenshot of your page so I can visual it and help you out.
  3. Software Development (Level 4) Now, I don't have the require grades however, there can be exception mades if I show I have an interest. So, maybe having a portfolio and showcasing my work can help me out. However, I am stuck and not sure what to add in my portfolio. So, if anyone can help me out would mean a lot to me! I have a passion in this field. I want to do something with my life lmao.
  4. MCCodes is a good point to start from my opinion
  5. Shades

    Dev Environment

    I am going to use mail gun hopefully that would work. I had a lot of good reviews from Mailgun plus 10,000 free emails a month. It's a clever system.
  6. Shades

    Dev Environment

    With that how many emails can I create? I have 3 domains and if its only for domain email then...its to expensive at the moment.
  7. Shades

    Dev Environment

    Hey guys thank you all for directing me and helping me out! I have my portfolio up and live. https://shahedmiah.com -> It's not up to date but it is something. I have git and my server setted up. Thank you all!!! Now, I have my server side out of the way. How would I set up my email with my VPS? I would like to use my iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and my MacBook with the emails.
  8. Shades

    Dev Environment

    Does anyone know any good tutorials on how to push my files from sublime git to my gitlab? Also, how to push my gitlab content to my server please Finally, have shahedmiah.net, shahedmiah.co.uk & shahedmiah.com servers up and running. Just need to add content in.
  9. Shades

    Dev Environment

    Yes, Digital Ocean is where I am learning to set up my server. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/initial-server-setup-with-debian-10 https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-ssh-keys-on-debian-10 https://www.howtogeek.com/443156/the-best-ways-to-secure-your-ssh-server/ https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-nginx-mysql-php-lemp-stack-in-ubuntu-16-04 These are the four I am using to set up my server. I have decided to stick to Debian and also decided to start using nginx. Thanks all! Will keep you updated with the work.
  10. Shades

    Dev Environment

    So is using Nginx better than Apache? I just want to be up to date with the new things I learn. Also, why do you use CentOs over Debian? I always wanted to try CentOs. Would you know any good tutorials that will help me with the initial set up?
  11. Shades

    Dev Environment

    I have terminal on Mac? Is that something?
  12. Shades

    Dev Environment

    Hello! Recently, I posted about recommendation of a host and I have come to a conclusion and chosen https://my.frantech.ca which provided me with a VPS and Off-Loaded MySQL all for $8.00 a month! It's good to start me off and it's cheap! So, I decided to use Debian as the servers o/s and will be installing apache. However, I haven't installed anything as I am still deciding to use Debian 8, 9 or 10. So, would be really helpful if someone can tell me which one they believe is best to use. (If there is any good tutorials to set up the server and apache will be really helpful.) I will be using Sublime Text as my text-editor as I can use Sublime Git and push my files to my GitLab account. Can someone also tell me how to push from Gitlab to my server? If there is any other advice which you can give me please share!
  13. Well I don't really need to use PDO right? I don't need to connect more than one db
  14. Shades


    I need VPS hosting with off-loaded MySQL available. Anyone know any cheap ones?
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