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  1. That's fine, there is ways to improve that. Just make it feel like it's "not" a web game? I'm taking the web approach and then the mobile approach at the same time for my personal project... honestly whether they are as popular as they once were or not. Doesn't mean it's not worth the efforts you know.
  2. Handy developer here willing to help out if this is still something that is wanting to be done. Little tired of the same games and cash grabs that I have seen using the same script.
  3. I'm not sure why... that's odd. Thanks for the heads up, I do assure you though that there's nothing to fear about it. It's also using a certificate... I do see that's it's saying not secure... I suggest trying with ssl https://brightmafia.xyz
  4. I'm moving/working on it as fast as I can :) I want to make it clear again since there was some messages left in the game chat.. The game is not fully functional yet and new accounts will not have any data to play with since .. there is no user data on those accounts and little working functionality. If you want to see what there is in terms of safe houses or items, use account this is the account that will have the majority of new things in terms of data since that is the account I use to test most things. I am also going to change the use/equip functions to post values instead of GET values since I try to avoid get values as much as possible. I am looking to have a working version which is playable by the end of February which means I'll be working hard for the next few weeks. PS: I am moving to a new web server right now for better and quicker development as it will be hosted on my own dedicated hardware. You may experience a little bit of lag now and then as I correct an issue with my ISP. (not happening until i decide if I want to develop another application to run on windows to simulate cron jobs) usr: demo pass: demo
  5. Howdy, I'm new here and decided to become a member of the community. I have been working on a game which is not really an engine but will become and open source project/game soon. This game for coders is great especially for beginners, I am an intermediate PHP programmer and also an everything else kind of guy. I have been working on the game for about a month total..currently it's still not really playable but it is purely built using BootStrap/css/js and PHP etc.. I am looking for someone who is interested in following the project and to see if someone would be willing to help me test features as the project evolves.. this would be a volunteer position while I develop the game and lead towards an open source point. I am not planning on making this an easy way to make a game... is it not guided towards newbies without programming experience but rather newbies who are learning PHP/Web based Programming. The game is similar to MCCodes in terms of functionality and simplicity. Thus is where the inspiration has mostly come from. The Title of the game currently is Mob Labs, ignore the URL. I haven't pointed the new URL as of yet so for now it's http://brightmafia.xyz WHAT'S WORKING? Login/Registration WORKING Password Reset NOT WORKING Loading/Saving of basic player stats WORKING Simple Cron Jobs running with CPanel for Stats WORKING Banking System (withdrawal, sending of cash, and depositing) WORKING Housing System (Cash/Diamond Storage Abandoning house, selling house(half-value), sleeping(restores fatigue faster, but puts you in a sleep state meaning you cannot do anything during this period) WORKING Inventory System (Using Items(WIP, currently can only use Fatigue Refill Items), Equipping Weapons also WIP) WORKING/WIP AJax Chat Based System (Uses bootstrap/javascript) (Cash/Diamond Storage) WORKING One Layout for Mobile Devices/Desktop Devices, the design is fully responsive for most resolutions WORKING Tutorial System NOT WORKING/WIP Traveling WORKING/WIP WHAT'S NOT WORKING BUT IS PLANNED TO BE IMPLEMENTED? Traveling - One city to another Real-Estate (Buying/Selling Houses) Item Market (Listing/Buying Items) Hit the Streets (Scavenging for items, cash, exp, etc) Missions (Kind of like committing crimes but provide better rewards and experience) Families Businesses (Run them, upgrade them, collect money every so often) Training(Essentially is a place to train your stats, sorta like the GYM in MCCodes) Crimes(Self-Explanatory) Deal Shop (Donation based portion of the game, buy items, other boosters and misc stuff for real money) Searching for Mobsters(based on location, level, last login, etc) Contacts (fancy word for a friends list) Contracts (Viewing/Assigning Hits to players) Jailing System (used when committing crimes and getting caught, failing certain missions that involve law enforcement, etc. Can Breakout/Bribe Officers) Prison System(Similar to the jail system only you are incarcerated and your sentencing is usually longer, you can also break out of this system if you can get help from another player or two, Bribery is not possible in the prison system. While you are in here if you cannot breakout and you must endure your sentencing, you can bring in contraband to make money during your incarceration period.) Profile Viewing/Modifying your profile options, etc. Live Administration Functions(No separate panel, you'll be able to find most of the administration functions by viewing a players profile.. should you have the access level the functions will appear as buttons and inputs if required to use that function) (Base idea, banning, (force logging out someone, (maybe), currently sessions aren't stored in the database), changing player stats (bugs, etc), muting players from chatting, giving items(rewards), seeing a last report made by a player(might be in a separate location), Bank Loans Jobs(more info coming soon) I'll update this list as I come up with future Ideas.. I did forget a-lot of planned features, some of them I haven't written down so I'll update as I remember THE CODING it's currently based on PHP 8.0 - uses MySQL for data. I took a traditional approach so it's PHP but in Procedural Style, there's no Object-Orientation. It doesn't use any "Join / Inner " Statements and each query is separated. All of the core functions in the game are actually inside one php file called Functions.php, Literally every action is a function on it's own. I have tried not to use echoing of html tags, there is a few places on where I have... only on the main Index page, since the pages are dynamic the rest is inside of a "Mods" folder which is where all of the core pages are located. I have excluded some of the pages such as "forgotpw.php" and "help.php" etc to prevent those pages from loading dynamically as they are pages that act kinda like the index page does expect they are not connected to any pages located inside of the "mod" folder as they access the functions.php file to run the functions directly. Essentially I have kept the "Mods" folder primarily for the core game it's-self. I have tried to use the mysqli_free_result() Function to clear memory usage as much as possible, I'm sure I forgot to in some queries there's no commentary yet I'll do all that once I finish most of the core features, it's a little messy in some places and some of the functions are not complete yet/being used. Tutorial System WARNING There is no statement-preparation on the SQL Queries, I am simply escaping the variables (POST, GET & Even Session Variables). There is no extra security beyond this point, as-long as you use the most up-to-date PHP/MYSQL version with this project, escaping using mysqli_real_escape_string should be more than enough! OPEN SOURCE PROJECT Coming soon! ANDROID APK / IOS Coming soon! DISCORD https://discord.gg/cwCbMjC You can register a new account or check out the features with username: demo password: demo let me know what ya think. UPDATES FOR 02/09/2020 UPDATES FOR 02/10/2020
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