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  1. I haven't found an answer yet. i emptied my minor error log and its filling up each time you click with both those errors. It was upto a 2 meg + file....
  2. I need some recommendations (kindly) of any IOS emulators peoples use for testing your web system out?
  3. I do a hosting business also. Please PM me with your requirements.
  4. I vouch for all these mentioned (along with @URBANZand throw in @Sim as he tries hard 😜
  5. These errors - the exp and name appear at anytime no mod in particular
  6. It's not my code I can say lol ... maybe the creator can shed the light on it @Dayo?
  7. Thank you 🙂 bit of a belated one though only doing the intro 10 years later better late than never lol
  8. Hey all just looking to see if someone can enlighten me to the solution here. I have found thebelow errors and trying to understand how to fix it but also know how to in the future when these pop up again: ["E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR","Undefined property: stdClass::$R_exp","/modules\/installed\/levels\/levels.hooks.php",7,"2021-01-24 11:15:37"] ["E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR","Undefined property: stdClass::$R_name","\/class\/user.php",342,"2021-01-24 11:15:37"] Code in question - levels.hooks.php: <?php new Hook("userInformation", function ($user) { global $page;
  9. Hey all I haven't done this before (disclaimer I was here about 10 years ago so could have but doubt doing it though) so Howdy! I go by the gamer tag Canjucks. My name has two meanings for me, it has reference to my favourite item in Command and Conquer to Chinook and the NHL Vancouver Canucks which is 95% of the name lol Anyway, I am here to learn how to code and do something more than I did the first time I made a game and use these skills for good - actually learn good programming methods that I can apply anywhere not just in a game engine sense. So, if you see me sign up for your game take
  10. I do Torn also. I like to get around on a few games its good to see how they work etc and try to do similar things in my own just for the learning point of view and to say I can do it also. I am around and on Discord GL group
  11. thanks guys. I was trying to get a string to = a string and was put in the right direction on discord. It was quite a head scratcher for me particularly when you're trying to learn this .... now to get a function together and understand the #each so I get this in the categories the way I wish to have them
  12. I want to use an sql query where the column has text I want to sort my rows I display for each. I need some help in getting the syntax correct. I might be going about it the wrong way as in a better way is probably there I just don't know that way. $Offensive = $this->db->prepare("SELECT * FROM `some table` WHERE SC_desc = 'some text'");
  13. Did you end up posting this @Dayo?
  14. Canjucks


    working with dayo's FAQ. On the payer screen how can I sort so it outputs as by faq_title? UPDATED: Fixed. I added ORDER BY FAQ_title ASC to the query. Tis late enough for me to miss the fact I had it working as I wanted lol
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