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  1. opens the door for a calendar that shows off each event. Could open the door for an event shop that becomes rewards that might rank players to whom wins and places for rewards. Single, weekly and monthly events sounds like a winner to me and can be theme based to your game as well. maybe in the ACP have a panel where you create the event name, select the date period, description, items you win as you go, and then overall winners rewards for 1st to 5th place for example. adding in theme changes might be a stretch for a mod like this but maybe something to expand on.
  2. you might not need a mod only a small bit of code where the game works out your next rank to be based on levels as well. if level => 10 AND <= 19 then Rank = Beginner etc Might be a better way than a nested If like this though.
  3. references crystals so I am thinking this is McCodes. I do though like where this can go using raids. Expanding any gang system with this is a nice addon.
  4. I'm sorry @Dayo it was also little things as well that were updated so certain things in my game could work. Also not going with a crime fighting theme and updated the layout and name changes here and there. Yes I might need to start again. I really think I need to get login working and workout why i get white pages when logged in (mobile was doing it as i didn't logout yet) I fixed the issue by removing ?> from the last line of the config file. I don't know why that worked but it has. From what I understand the 2.3 version still has this in it.
  5. I've been chipping away at the updates manually (had to because some mods and customs would then fail) and managed to get white screens in game and get an invalid request when trying to login .... I'm a kind of wishing I didn't bother start doing these updates now.. why fix what ain't broke comes to mind ....
  6. ohhh.... now I have no page loading so i have to keep going before I say anything further....about halfway doing classes updates ... see how it goes from here - was only an init file update away from fixing lol
  7. Why are files named differently? hooks to hook? template/templateRender? Is it supposed to be like this? It doesn't make sense the change. What should I do with the old files just delete them and hope for the best that it all works?
  8. I second the attack, being turn based with an advanced (enhanced) item system. Since i use Sims perhaps build on his to save me some trouble lol Daily jobs would be another and maybe a newspaper system. What I'd like to also see is a really updated looking forum and instant chat system to build the games player interaction/communication. We can take a lot of things/ideas from mccodes and GL them lol
  9. Torn does well with calendar events its very worthwhile doing. they fill the full year pretty sure. For instance valentines day is about reducing cost of energy used per attack with an item called love potion. Its used well on your Fortnite, Dauntless type games also - they're both using same engine also
  10. I have to work out what I have changed so I can just upload your files lol. Of the premium mods you include what of those have been updated? I can update the core easily enough but the ones not on the github is a bit of a guess and having to go through line by line.
  11. Place this in your init.php file around line 27 so your domain redirects from http to https Thanks to @Dayo for providing on Discord chat group thought I'd share since it might come up and pretty sure anyone would like to use it. Something like this can be used in your .htaccess file as well: Thanks Mike for providing.
  12. I had similar issues where I made some edits to fix it so when health is below 100 you go to hospital. Its the whole thing of when you get attacked your health goes to some stupid number. Then you got to sort the go to hospital if below 100 after an attack. The percentage showing up correctly is another issue. From memory after fixing the health to be between 0-100 i was able to get the percentage show correctly.
  13. What's it not doing? error code?
  14. I like these changes nice work @Dayo... I'll be having a play around with this one later tonight.
  15. Thanks thats some sound advice. I'm bummed out a little because we did this game together a decade ago and hoped we could make it bigger this time. Its now very much a learning development environment for me. If I can get it to release then awesome! (I'm not worried about climbing the mountain again) . If not, I've been able to get my r/l work boss interested in my new updated skills. Hopefully that can be a good thing.
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