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  1. cobraz

    EU Mafia

    Hi, Im so happy to share with you the brand new design for EUMAFIA + Some of the game features. Thanks to @BeNiiiBoiii for coding the design and helping me with some of the code! You guys can register and check out the live code at www.eumafia.com My templates: Login: https://www.deviantart.com/dopedeviant/art/Mafia-Game-Template-Login-892547336 Logged in: https://www.deviantart.com/dopedeviant/art/Mafia-Game-Template-2021-892547509 Screenshots: Mobile: Login Page: Logged in: The game is still under development and working on some new features and upgrades in the future! - Hope you like
  2. vCity Online Browser Game Platform meets Gangster Legends V2? Will totally have a look when opening for registration. Looks good, hope you make a good phone layout for it too 🙂 A few months ago i had a simular project with the vCity platform but i could never finish it of the way i wanted. Good luck with the further development 😀
  3. If you are only looking for graphic design you can message me. But im not coding the designs, so if you are looking for a grapich designer that are coding the templates im not your guy atm. I have some mafiagame sample templates i can show you, if you are interested. If you describe what you have in mind for your game we can create a new theme that gonna fit to your game.
  4. Thanks, removing debug fixed it 🙂
  5. Someone have a fix on this bug?
  6. I think it remove as fast as the auction holder login to his account? Have you found the bug? 🙂
  7. Hello guys, guess im not the only one with some bugs in the auction house. When removing items from auction the items disappears. Someone know how to fix this issue? 🙂
  8. cobraz


    Are this module finished and ready for sale?
  9. Bought it just now, can't wait to try it out 🙂 Been waiting for a script like this, hope it's a good one 🤩
  10. Gotta love that you still updating and improving the game. Thumbs up for that! Some of my feedback: The old version (design) is better on the phone when it comes to navigating the menus as you can faster navigate on it. Example: New version: Here you have to click and scroll to view timers and such. Old version: Here all the most important information is viewed at all time and you got easy acsess to all the "important" functions of the game. Other: Some months ago i sent you a list with some errors/bugs in the GL-Script, have some of theese bugs been improved?
  11. This fix will do it for now thanks 😄 Lets wait for the update from Dayo 🤩
  12. This pretty much solved the problem, thanks mate 🙂 Only problem now is that all crimes have to be ready before its "green". Possible to change it so its green if 1 of the crimes are ready? Looking forward to it 🙂
  13. Hello Guys! I have some problems with the timer for the new Crime addon from Dayo where you can do multiple crimes. I guess if you have installed it, you guys had / or will have the same problem. The Crime timer color won't work properly as before. (It always stays green, even tho there is a time countdown). Someone have a quik fix to this or can explain whats wrong? 🙂
  14. I like the addition too. But the "crime timer" in the meny stays green all the time now. So there is a bug needed to be fixed there.
  15. I have a live game at www.cobrazarme.com, but havent promoted it to much yet. But still interested to my few users if a simple and good mod.
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