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  1. cobraz


    Could be a smart thing to do for more sales 🙂
  2. cobraz


    Good luck with your game. Personally im not a big fan of the color, but the layout is very nice, good job 🙂
  3. I can understand that this function can be cooler and cooler the more features you add. Good luck with the rest of development and sales 😄
  4. Nice 🙂 How much will the listing price be?
  5. The mod will be working with the upgraded garage/theft from Dayo?
  6. I agree. Register to a mafiagame should be very easy. In my game i only use email and username and no mail authorizer. If people wanna play in two users just let them 😅👌
  7. You can use email and mobile authorizer
  8. Nice job and good luck with sales. - Theft wont upload properly - But when i uploaded it in my FPT client it worked - Where to change the images of the cities? In travel there are no admin panel to set photo? (Even tho i guess its just to upload the images to modules/installed/travel/images/1.jpg in the ftp there should be a smal admin panel for this in the module?) - Crimes are now green all the time even tho you preform both crimes and have to wait for timers. (When you "reset timer" they wont reset) - Should change the .jpg to .png of the image of the car in garage. (garage.tpl) - Should <center> the images in the crime and theft in the .tpl files Some other bugs/tips/improvements to the script: Bugs: - Impossible to withdraw cash from properties (bulletfactory, blackjack ++) - Impossible to kick underboss from Gang - Gang doesen't disapear when Boss and Underboss dies. - When taking a car out of the Gang Garage the car disapears. - When you remove a auction, you loose the stuff you listed. - Blackjack Bug (See photo) Improvements: - Money in bank should give a daily profit (or the money should hide from the gamestats/userstats). - Killcount (The userprofile should show how many kills you have commited). - Admin Logs for banktransfers, pointtransfer, blackjack ++ When all that is said. I will just add to it that your coding is outstanding and the script is totally worth the bucks 🙂
  9. Is the bundle and upgrade free for the people who bought GL Premium within the last months?
  10. What you mean with dialogue? Its based to work with Gangster Legends Platform script. The town and the button is supposed to take care of the menus and make it easier to navigate. If you for example click on a building it will bring to front a box as shown in the "crime" template. (Thats what you mean with a dialogue?). The same is supposed to happend when you click the icons 🙂 The buildings are supposed to be possible to link to a spesific destination, and its also possible to change color and stuff like that on the buildings. If my coding skills were greater i would totally animate and make the town more awesome.
  11. Created a bit "different" theme. The buildings can come in different colors ect ++ Created this theme to make the game feel more "live". Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 New theme comes here:
  12. Could be interesting, good luck releasing 🙂 What kind of module is it?
  13. Looks good, nice work! 🙂
  14. I can send you PSD's for free if you want to try make them. But its much appreciated if you share the code 🙂 Iv'e Just sent Dayo the PSD's and he said he will try code them up. Message me and i can share PSD link 🙂
  15. Sorry, dont have the code, only PSD and ALOT of different design templates for functions for this theme 😉
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