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  1. Hello guys, guess im not the only one with some bugs in the auction house. When removing items from auction the items disappears. Someone know how to fix this issue? 🙂
  2. cobraz


    Are this module finished and ready for sale?
  3. Bought it just now, can't wait to try it out 🙂 Been waiting for a script like this, hope it's a good one 🤩
  4. Gotta love that you still updating and improving the game. Thumbs up for that! Some of my feedback: The old version (design) is better on the phone when it comes to navigating the menus as you can faster navigate on it. Example: New version: Here you have to click and scroll to view timers and such. Old version: Here all the most important information is viewed at all time and you got easy acsess to all the "important" functions of the game. Other: Some months ago i sent you a list with some errors/bugs in the GL-Script, have some of theese bugs been improved?
  5. This fix will do it for now thanks 😄 Lets wait for the update from Dayo 🤩
  6. This pretty much solved the problem, thanks mate 🙂 Only problem now is that all crimes have to be ready before its "green". Possible to change it so its green if 1 of the crimes are ready? Looking forward to it 🙂
  7. Hello Guys! I have some problems with the timer for the new Crime addon from Dayo where you can do multiple crimes. I guess if you have installed it, you guys had / or will have the same problem. The Crime timer color won't work properly as before. (It always stays green, even tho there is a time countdown). Someone have a quik fix to this or can explain whats wrong? 🙂
  8. I like the addition too. But the "crime timer" in the meny stays green all the time now. So there is a bug needed to be fixed there.
  9. I have a live game at www.cobrazarme.com, but havent promoted it to much yet. But still interested to my few users if a simple and good mod.
  10. I made this theme in 2012. The PSD file is quite messy, and i can't find det final V2 shown in the picture. But the V1 is almost simular, and if you got photoshop skills it's simple to just use the .png template the design for the rest. I got a lot of function design to this template aswell. Just contact me so we dont spam of ags_cs4 thread 😄
  11. cobraz


    Could be a smart thing to do for more sales 🙂
  12. cobraz


    Good luck with your game. Personally im not a big fan of the color, but the layout is very nice, good job 🙂
  13. I can understand that this function can be cooler and cooler the more features you add. Good luck with the rest of development and sales 😄
  14. Nice 🙂 How much will the listing price be?
  15. The mod will be working with the upgraded garage/theft from Dayo?
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