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  1. I'd love to help you with that one but I haven't set it up for sometime fresh. The good thing is once you get through those initial hiccups of getting it going, its a very good engine.
  2. Its a very robust engine and can't say it enough great for people like me starting out to see how things work and trying to make them work also lol with development like this.
  3. I tried the debugger from https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.debug-backtrace.php but this hasn't given me any clues so I'm none the wiser. Its just annoying I have this issue but would really like to know what happened/what it is that's causing the 5 minute delay and 5 minute reduction on each click while ID 1 is in jail. Its got me good as I am starring at it for so long as its bugging me and its the only timer that its happening to. fixed it.... all I'm prepared to say lol
  4. I have an amazing issue I can't believe it myself that's how amazing it is - its hard to believe. So, I have my Jail timer where ID 1 is on click given 5 minute reductions on each click. The only thing I can relate this to (I haven't changed any code in Jail for months for example) I created a Jail reduction item that reduces Jail time by 5 minutes. I used it a couple of times when in jail as an item to verify it works which it does. So, when i get ID 1 to go to jail now its on click its reducing time by 5 minutes. Is that a coincidence? I have tried to reset timer when in jail and this makes no difference and created another item to do that and no difference. How do I stop the 5 minute reduction per click jail bug for ID 1? I can't replicate yet for any other player and I have cleared cache, cookies etc To give this some visual context. In my image below I clicked when I had under 5 minutes left and clicked again for the screenshot and the timer on the left updated to 0 minutes left! Further testing and I believe the timers are both out. Another example below. I've done the reset timer thing and its making no difference. What else can I do? Delete the jail timer from userTimers table? The time is out like its reading two different times and reducing as a result of the click or something like it: deleting from userTimers didn't work still not in sync. its bugging me as its only ID 1. Below is my other player to test with and timer is in sync:
  5. Thanks bud did the trick at first didn't see that it had. 🙂 The next thing is that I made the item type disappear but if you manually put it in the url the items will then load. What's the best way to stop that?
  6. I have been working on the new item system in creating items - new equip items, effects etc that's all cool made it through that. The next phase is re-doing the way the black market is presented which I am now almost done which if not for @ags_cs4 may not have made it that far... Now that I have my layout I need to exclude an item from the list on display. What is throwing me is how to do that using the item types via settings with the new hooks etc on doing this. Using the image below say I want to exclude Melee Weapon. How do I best do this? $item = new Items(); $types = $item->types; foreach ($types as $typeKey => $type) { $type["items"] = $this->db->selectAll("SELECT `I_id` FROM `items` WHERE `I_type` = :type", array( ":type" => $type["id"] )); foreach ($type["items"] as $itemKey => $itemID) { $type["items"][$itemKey] = $item->getItem($itemID["I_id"]); } $types[$typeKey] = $type; } The next bit of the code is about the new hook and publishing the page. I'm not 100% on what can happen in a foreach so if someone was about that can help guide me I really want to learn this as well. Does an If statement like if types[id] != id then continue with sql?
  7. The mod works pretty well. A suggestion from a game tester was that it would be cool if you can add in a timer. What would be the best way to do this? I am thinking this would be to reset/countdown the day for the next time to vote.
  8. @URBANZ you knew it was going to work and of course it does! These updates are awesome and just gives the game a cleaner look and feel which is important for me for when the doors are finally opened.
  9. do you have a solution for the RE: repeating on replying to messages? idk how to do deal with so its serious request if this can be done.
  10. at the very least I/we (all) have a game to guide me on how things were intended to work lol
  11. Download Gangster Legends free version and see how you like that. Having used both GL and MC2, GL is loads better than MC Codes. If you like basic then buy a premium copy. Loads more mods being sold for GL too nowadays. Torn is the pinnacle since its been around so long. Even with your basic skills you should be able to add something to your project as you go and learn more (I have done that myself). Someone is always around to help - usually lol.
  12. just as easy to make hard coded with a little html ...
  13. downloaded again, weird stuff its downloaded this time. So cool as to include some more gear makes it more attractive thanks @Dayo Anyone thinking of getting GL Premium, its a great product, support is always on hand also - direct or, otherwise you'll get an answer.
  14. I did download premium before posting but no escrow.
  15. When did you start including Escrow?
  16. Canjucks


    Gotchya and yes, gameplay for me is paramount because the player base won't get established and the money won't flow without it. I mean some games get away with doing jack and adding a couple of crappy mods every now and then just to appease the base and hope the money keeps flowing but by this stage the game is already dead or at least on life support so their only hope is that the game economy is sound enough to keep it going to not enforce a game killer with a game reset - unless introducing rounds like your Fortnites of this world. I've gone off on a tangent. If games did employ the ability for more PVP then yes it would do wonders for gameplay with player base being organic/money being organic around that.
  17. Canjucks


    its the nature of these games. PVP just isn't a thing. Although, if it were made then the masses would follow. Not sure why you're having a crack at other game owners? Do explain. .... popcorn please!
  18. sweet, do you have a site up for an example?
  19. Sorry i should have elaborated. But yes you are on the money. This is why I asked the question but now know the answer.... I need to learn more lol
  20. Had some ideas about Widgets. Has anyone tried to implement into GL or another game? I know Torn uses them so its not like it can't be done. Has anyone dabbled with them? Is it difficult? Only just looking at it now.
  21. Honestly, learn first how to code and while you learn and pick things up apply it to your game. Do you have a plan for how you want the game to end up? Generally, its hard to get on a game and be a understudy of sorts. Game owners like to hire people who are known in a game and been around for some time so they can be of more help to new players etc. If my game were live and you asked day 1 can I be a staff to learn from you, I'd first want to see you login for awhile. But that's just me as I've done these games before you get many emails from players wanting things. However, coming from this platform you might get a shot. Are you on the MWG Discord channel as a starting point to get known? But welcome to the world of coding and game development!
  22. oh dam, more options but my vote only counts for one!
  23. All of those mod ideas do, they each have their merits. Just with the my account page I made one as settings where it has a combined change password/username, update bio, and update the profile picture. Just a question on that the use just puts in their url for it. Is this the safest option than allowing them to upload? an attack mod would be grand! I agree the forum needs an update. Would be good if Mail didn't constantly have RE: every time you replied and just kept it once.
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