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    Felt like checking too, my oldest message is 11 years old. O.o
  2. Do you still have contact information to ask?
  3. I'm a little late to the party but hello everyone!
  4. Any kind of game or do you have something in mind? It's a very open ended market if you want "any" game.
  5. Nice work Dave. Nice to see someone updating the site again.
  6. I would like to get this site more active again. Not really sure how (beyond advertising of course and I can't do that for mwg) but I've been a member since 2009. It's sad to see the membership so low.
  7. I cleaned up what I could as I got linked to this thread but my account really shouldn't still be a staff member. I check up on the site once every few months (maybe) and haven't been an active part of the community in well over a year. [uSER=52003]Dave Macaulay[/uSER] has also been linked (I did it through the chat on gitter) so hopefully he can fill you all in, pick a new staff team, and get things moving.
  8. No problem. The only MWG member I know that's still involved with NWE is [uSER=68711]KyleMassacre[/uSER] . You should have more luck there. :)
  9. A_B left the site and when he did moved any major discussion over to indie-resource. Any updated information will be on there. From what I know people aren't happy with how little time the current owner puts into it.
  10. How can you make an almost copy of something that never existed? The best I can think of is just a clone of v2 done to current programming standards.
  11. Are you still planning to sell a version of it or have you decided to run it as a stand alone game with no engine sales?
  12. All the mysql_ extension stuff will give this warning now. Newer versions of php won't have them in at all. If you want any kind of longevity you need to rewrite the code. I doubt MCC will be putting out an update for any of there versions.
  13. I thought you were speaking generally about using a base to work on a project. If we're limiting to text based games (so mccodes/NWE etc) the reasons shrink quickly.
  14. I agree in part. Most of the time people who aren't willing to work with a framework/engine won't work with your own code either. So that shouldn't effect your decision and any engine you choose will be up to date or something you can work with. Otherwise what's the point? I think your over simplified it. I do see your point but using an engine isn't a dead end. It's a short cut that, in the end, just stops your writing the basics. You shouldn't end up with a clone unless that's the path you take. When creating a game it should be fully planned out long before you consider the engine you wish to use.
  15. Maybe he has a different type of phone (e.g. Iphone/android) with a different browser. You should at least be asking.
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