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  1. Do you have skype? And theres a little list of stuff, Help with the AWS, Notifications and then conversion to apk and ios. Thats all really..
  2. Hi all, I have been helping a friend with an unity project for Uni but now I am stuck with a few things, Willing to pay £100+ for the problems to be sorted, only 3 or so problems.. Most of it is regarding updating the apps. If anyone is interested then hit me up and I will send across the files with what needs sorting. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I am currently looking to buy an already made game apk which is also on the play store. I have a budget of £500-£700ish, I will list below what sort I am looking for. 1) Slot games. 2) Racing. 3) Shooting. 4) Strategy. All the games must be monetised. If you have any of the following then please message me.
  4. Maybe racing, or a statergy one.. Like where you can build weapons and buildings and so on..
  5. Hi guys, I am looking into buying a android app, I am open to what everyone has to offer. My budget is £400+
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