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    Help Wanted

    In any case, surely someone asking for help would have a development/testing environment that they could give someone access to and instructions on how to replicate the bug/issue or a detailed bug report, instead of giving them access to production.
  2. sniko

    Vouch for meh

    If we are vouching for SRB being a dick, then I can vouch for SRB being a dick.
  3. sniko

    The Marketplace

    Make it so "modules" need a specific class name and methods to render a view Have these "modules" have a specific namespace setup Have the core app register these namespaces on generic routes to load the "modules" This way you can have composer autoloader in it or the old fashioned FTP with a custom autoloader to have a solution for those who don't use composer too. It would involve you writing guidelines to creating modules and handling modules but would be a smooth experience to game owners managing them.
  4. sniko


    This is pretty cool - I'm going to check this out
  5. Alright so it's on Amazon for £17. You're about 7 hours away from me by train, so might have to get a 1hr flight to Manchester, then get a train. MakeWebGames, should I?
  6. Maybe I'll order some and come to Bolton with a camera.... 🤔
  7. Invest into a $5/month VPS my dude - DigitalOcean
  8. Still giving the same error. Check for account_id key before performing the query. If it doesn't exist, redirect to login.
  9. Damn... Rest easy friend. I recently spoke to him on February 07, 2019 😞
  10. This will need a further discussion with anyone reputable willing to take the job and you're willing to pay (this will be priced over $5,000 to anyone who knows what they are doing) so I hope you have a budget for that. Before you hire someone, check their portfolio to see if they are capable of delivering such a large project on time and offer good support - you'll probably want to enquire about an SLA. Also, what does this have to do with makewebgames?
  11. sniko

    Mysql Shim

    > A shim is to fill a gap, nothing temporary about it. Nothing more permanent than a temporary fix.
  12. sniko

    MySQL JSON field type

    We used to do it for inbound API requests and some outbound API requests in my previous workplace but we used MongoDB to store it since JSON stores very nicely there (also very easy to search compared to MySQL Json fields)
  13. sniko

    Hey hey

    Thought I'd check it out... The blackjack game is pretty dope Why is your `error_log` from 2014 😮
  14. Is it more basterdised or much more pretty than McCodes?
  15. sniko

    Hey hey

    Hi Ian 🙂 Why'd you hate working in that Blockchain project?
  16. IIRC "Ruthless City", it's a Torn clone but essentially McCodes Back in the day, @firecamp ran games with it a lot
  17. I've never tried it, but https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surströmming During the production of surströmming, just enough salt is used to prevent the raw herring from rotting. A fermentation process of at least six months gives the fish a characteristic strong smell and somewhat acidic taste.
  18. sniko

    MakeWebGames engine?

    I am monitoring the thread... (I am interested in watching development, might fork and PR)
  19. Ah, it's in a private repo so I cannot 😞
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