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  1. Version 1.0.0

    This is for Gangster Legends v2.3 Regular crackTheSafe module based on @CurtcrackTheSafe for mccodes. (Thank You for the assist) Global combination will reset when any user guesses the correct combination, from numbers 0 to 999. Hints are given with a 50% chance on failure saying if the combination is higher or lower. Will display last 10 winners and all hints given to that user during the current combination. Once a user guesses correctly a reward of 20k$ plus 80% of all users spent money is rewarded. Let me know if you got any questions or advice. (Thi
  2. ah yeah a turn atttack would be awesome i need that too! i gotta work on that but so many things to do sitll before that
  3. gl does have a search user ....https://snipboard.io/Xu5bIS.jpg and i added a easy https://snipboard.io/OF85rz.jpg
  4. it is different thought, and when hobobattle was released it was relatively different from thugbattle, thugbattle was just changed to look a bit similar as it looked better nothing wrong with that?
  5. https://makewebgames.io/profile/14499-sim/content/?type=downloads_file This is sims markplace;)
  6. Thegangwars.com its not ready but gl premium is installed with the new preleased version so you can see all features that come with it and the theme;) Some extras are on it but send me a msg and ill let u know all u meed gl premium is totally worth it btw xp
    Its to be honest the best engine out there, and with great support! If your planning on starting your own game o truly recommend going for GL, although if you plan on having something serious id recommend going straight for premium, it has way more options and your just part of something, youll get plenty of content and free updates! What else would you want? I started with free as i wasnt sure what i wanted but once i could get my hands on premium it just all started to make sence! Totally worth the money;)
  7. It would probably be easier if you just used timestamps instead im very new at coding too i tried mccodes and was a pain there is timestamps for mccodes somewhere on mkg id take a look at it 😉 i mean its good to learn but it would make your life eadier:) Like his
  8. I mean the game has glitche sits normal thats why its prereleased id recommend msging the creator with reports etc and to be honest it should be a easy change to add the login option;)
  9. A lot of changes were made you can check on my game thegangwars.com check game news for pw and login
  10. the thing si usertimers is not adding any hostpital timer tbh i dont think its adding anyhting is utid suppose ot be sue rid? cause it only goes form 1 to 3 but yeah theres no hospital there and im not sur ehow that is isnerted caus ei tried ot add a function to add the utid utdesc and uttime when the user is killed but also it did not insert anythign there so im totally clueless
  11. tbh there was no db file ont he hospital zip so im struggling a bit with that not to talk that the mccodes theme the health bar does not change accoridng to the user health which is weird tbh im not sure the health decrease is even being saved everything is being based on total amount of health for rank but nothing on the current health idk i feel that all ym files and db is messed up ive been fiixing slowly but dang a lot fo wasted time when could be fixed easily on installation
  12. Tbh the whole attacking system is fcked i jsut fixed kill module but hospitla.module is not making players go to hospital im not sure hoe to connect it? Also health bar form mccodes doesnt drop.down when ehalth is low so not sure if its that
  13. the hospital is not really working for me can someone explainw ha tit does exactly so i can maybe fix?
  14. yeah its disabled i think i didnt find the option at least thats why im asking
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