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  1. Tbh the whole attacking system is fcked i jsut fixed kill module but hospitla.module is not making players go to hospital im not sure hoe to connect it? Also health bar form mccodes doesnt drop.down when ehalth is low so not sure if its that
  2. the hospital is not really working for me can someone explainw ha tit does exactly so i can maybe fix?
  3. yeah its disabled i think i didnt find the option at least thats why im asking
  4. So apparently is the gl v2.2.3 cause if i use the files from gl master it works hmm
  5. how do you all even download from mccodes website?
  6. yeah some of dayos modules have that issue but easy fix 😄
  7. torntest.infinityfreeapp.com
  8. Yeah i did and the tables settings do have those values updated but yeah the page it seld ahows value as 0 and im.not sure if the detectives actualy find anything tested couple times couldnt find
  9. both xD well i use the one from here which i was given link to most udated but i also downlaoded he files for other one and checked the schemafile and theres nothing about detectives files it self... cause detective file comes alrdy with the game maybe its just free version issue but id love to fix that tbh i dont understand the find user and kill and the idea of suers being erma killed dont aeal me so im lanning to make the hosital module work and just have users kill each other and have detective do something else but for now i would have to stay withthat module working cause witho
  10. sry delay this is not notifying me so was waiting for a rely XD so on settings table detectivecost exists and has a value so now what do i do? add that table detectivecost on the db? so the schema file does not contai detectives cost how can i know what values and vars to add
  11. on the db i only have detectives not detectivescost and detectives only really save current bounties how do i fix that? do i imort schema file? or would that erase all data?
  12. im having an issue with detective smodule basically the cost is shown as 0 and it doesnt charge anything any idea why?
  13. only issue with the host from this website is that i cannot buy a domain directly id have to have a domain alrdy or be hay with subdomain xD and now ive decidedto go with glv2 instead of mccodes since mccodes was giving me a lot of limitations not just with crons still using it to learn
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