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  1. You might need to be a little more clear but I think this is what you mean ? $Offensive = $this->db->prepare("SELECT * FROM `some table` WHERE SC_desc = 'some text' ORDER BY column_name DESC"); Or change DESC to ASC to switch the order they are sorted.
  2. Curt


    lmao.....bro whatever Yo its version 11.2 the best version yet! 😛 but foreals phpstorm looks nice Oh and Sim get a cheap laptop bro. I think it would benefit you with your skill base.
  3. Curt


    No offense, I feel like you have some skills in development BUT.....you should upgrade your hardware. No one is really going to take you seriously knowing that you program using your phone.
  4. Curt

    Work Setups

    Na, I use Netbeans 🙂
  5. is it this ? C_chance:chance, maybe it should be C_chance=:chance,
  6. Curt

    Work Setups

    This is my development setup. PC - Acer Aspire A515-54 I have 2 USB monitor adapters. I use my TV as a monitor. Using a cheap table from Walmart, with my monitors mounted for more table space 🙂 Its a little less than $1000 setup and gets the job done. (Might even be overkill lmao) All I need now is to manage all those cables like Dayo 😛
  7. Whats wrong with your car ? I have a 2006 honda civic. I will probably put mine in savings.
  8. Sorry to hear this has happened. Its the risk you take for working for free. I'm the type of person that typically gives a person the benefit of the doubt also but have since changed my approach to not trust anyone on the internet.. You have tarnished this guys reputation at this point, which in my opinion was deserved based on what I read. Let this be a learning experience and grow from it 🙂
  9. Be sure to verify someone's credentials before hiring them from here. Also I would personally run it by Dave, he's been around forever and knows everyone. 😛 With that said, best of luck with your game. The design is really good. 🙂
  10. Hello Everyone, I opened a new game back in May 2020 and have been making improvements. The script originated from mccodes but has since grown into my own custom script. The game is loaded with features. I'm currently working on making the website mobile friendly and possibly putting an app on the app store. Feel free to drop some feedback. You can be as honest as you want, I've been around quite a while so I can handle it 😉 This is the home page. If you look close you can spot Dave's Shoutbox mod 😛 Thanks Dave 😉 The game is loaded with custom features like
  11. Curt

    My messages

    my oldest is 10 years old lol back when I was a wee lil noob
  12. https://hobobattle.com/register.php?REF=91 My McCode game :P
  13. I recently hired Sniko to do a job for me. We narrowed down the specs of the feature. Negotiated a fair price and he got the job done within a few hours. He maintained constant communication and was extremely professional. He made sure I was 100% satisfied before signing off on the job. I will definitely hire Sniko for future jobs. Highly Satisfied.
  14. I would be interested in seeing who is around, as I may have some freelance work available. My game is based off mccodes. There are some things with JS I cant figure out how to do.
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