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  1. Yep I still live ... I dropped browergames etc years ago Jumped on facebook, even as some where fully against it (thanks Alain, I shouldn't have listened to you back then) Facebook has been for me fruitful , even without a game reaching revenue what mccode games can dream of. With this I would like to announce that mrdjk as known by his handle on the MWG forums is now working with me (aka CE Gamers) and is digging as I asked him into the FB API. All I can say is that it's a total change for him, using extensively xml and js is not the mccode way but by the looks of it something
  2. Have a chance to get a official license of Wing Commander Privateer How ? http://cegamers.com/cegamers/cegamers-june-event-win-wing-commander-privateer/
  3. FB integration is actually not difficult at all main focus is in my opinion the canvas width, 758px. (yea they say 760px) So it's often more work on re-templating than integrating a site into FB stupid app I've made for the Zynga game Empires & Allies, http://apps.facebook.com/ea-gifts-requester/ Note, that example uses the most simple integration there is.
  4. what a crap, seriously the admin should set several profile settings to default on instead of off (admin can set that stuff in the ACP ) comeon, no images to display, was already wondering what was wrong with my bbcode and my nickname mysteriously became superadmin .....
  5. So try to find as many video games based on the clues below. Click to expand.   edit: no clue how I got the username SuperAdmin :s something must have gone wrong in the transfer edit 2: seems url/img doesn't want to work So to see the image go to http://cegamers.com/cegamers/fun-find-video-games-based-on-clues/ edit 3 : final attempt with bbcode (seems I have to activate it in the profile settings, how dumb), if it shows the thumb img, click to expand
  6. cetopwebgames.com And a soon to be a co-project by Zeggy and BGF named LaunchGaming
  7. lol I laugh with this I tried out a site awhile ago to see what it gives.... Took me nearly 3 months to accumelate a $100 and I ahd to upgrade with my first earnings to be able to reach that amount ... http://cegamers.com/kingsage/no-money-how-to-get-some-easy-paypal-money-for-your-gaming/
  8. Write modifications in a team format ... bit difficult for a lot of people But djkanna, you have a free ticket :p I'll catch you one of these days on chat when I see fit to load chat :p
  9. Europe 1400 by gameforge is a browser revamp of the famous guild 1400 pc game. Anyway medieval based games have a large audience so success is possible especially if they are ran different than GameForge which is a 'Pay to Win concept' , so if there is real competition without the get to the top easy ...
  10. Simply looking for a person with a decent resume of mccode mod creation. Purpose would be to create in team some new extravagant mccode modifications empowering the facebook spam power.
  11. Why, recently they are in the process of acquiring companies that publish mmorpgs or have mmorpg technology at home. Most recent is Frogster, claims to not be a hostile takeover. Gameforge acquired a 60 percent majority stake in Frogster Interactive Pictures last month at €25 ($32) a share, but now it's boosted that bid to €27.50 ($37) -- Frogster's management says it appreciates the increase and believes it to be "fair considering the unstable capital market environment." Similar to assurances expressed during the share purchase in August, Gameforge says it will allow Frogster to ope
  12. I wouldn't say so, loads of the images used are premium stockphoto's , psd's he used at a project he does with a fellow MWG member. The blue print one for instance is a istock one on that template. Lets say google is my friend...
  13. A large-scale scan of the top million web sites was performed in early 2010 using the Nmap Security Scanner and its scripting engine. The smallest icons--those corresponding to sites with approximately 0.0001% reach--are scaled to 16x16 pixels. The largest icon (Google) is 11,936 x 11,936 pixels, and the whole diagram is 37,440 x 37,440. So where is makewebgames.io Or lets see how nowhere-else.org does However I made a failure, I should have added a unique fav icon to makewebgames instead of the standard one. For those interested torncity gets a 128x128 pixels spot
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