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  1. It would be helpful, yea or supply the necessary/relevant lines of code.. Do you have a globals file running for education that handles the data or is this all done in crons, you need to make sure a DELETE FROM or something appropriate is actioned when the education time hits zero or is equal to current time Pm me if you need any assistance
  2. This is looking really good @Uridium 👏
  3. I'm currently in mobile and requesting desktop sites times out 😬 I'll have another look when I'm back on my laptop, but from the screenshots it looks pretty promising -- Took me a second to work out you had to select a round 😅 but other than that the concept of the game feels fairly unique and the features are good, I would say from my visit though some explanation on what does what for your character would be beneficial
  4. Check that the ID (in the database) is set to primary and auto incremental, may need to truncate the data for this to process
  5. I usually and still do battle through the yawns until I'm satisfied with the progress I've made that day 😅 Although regular breaks at 4hrs is probably a good idea for the eyes, but if you're feeling fatigued and literally narcolepsing on your laptop, maybe up the vitamins and nutrition abit 😄.. or see a doctor and see what's up?
  6. Spydre452


    I'll just patiently await my invitation 😌
  7. Obviously I'm oblivious to the DMS, I'd just suggest holding some sort of professional manner when writing publicly otherwise people may think twice about doing business with you, just saying. And don't forget you set the price for your mod so any downfalls on the listed price sits on your shoulders, it's not the responsibility of the buyers to front the difference in their own time. The bit about hero's, sometimes you come across like your batman to Gotham so to speak. Your mod ideas are good, in depth but from an outside pov your service seems to be hindered by your communication.
  8. I'll have to agree with @Karma on this, especially as it's a paid mod - okay you spent the time developing it, but with the attached price, that should include some sort of healthy attitude and support. I'd also strongly advise you reassess your communication format and do treat a person with respect, considering they've just supported your dev by purchasing your mod. And Sim, there are a few people on here that are fluent and accurate at coding with very minimal, if any, errors - you're not the only "hero" on this forum. A little manners cost nothing. That's just my though
  9. Go to line 91 and remove the ` or if it belongs to a query make sure every field is surrounded by ` tags, likely there's an opening but not a close
  10. Hey these are decent, I like.how the background images work as a visual towards the actual achievement. The only thing is suggest is to align the text center both vertically and horizontally.. ie, x crimes success/fail has much more space at the bottom than it does the top.. Other than that, j think they'd compliment a game very well
  11. Okay if you apply a class name to the div above, you can use something like; selector:pseudo-class { property: value; } for example, you pseudo class will be before, add; content:''; background:URL(path here); background-size etc This should work, if not I can pay closer attention when I finish work 6pm gmt
  12. If I've understood correctly, wrap that part in a div then apply a background colour of #CCC
  13. I've recently amended mine for my own little project, maybe able to help - although it cause quite a headache 😅
  14. I can give you a hand later tonight phntmst#2867
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