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  1. That's an impressive UI sim! I like that. Eager to see the final concept
  2. Nice okay, I didn't know that, now I've no idea - sorry
  3. I think what you need is a left join query, try something like this; ``` $sidekick = $this->db->prepare(" SELECT sk.`id`, sk.`name`, sk.`fileType`, sk.`level`, sk.`guard`, sk.`attack`, us.`sidekickID` FROM `sidekicks` sk LEFT JOIN `userStats` us ON sk.`id` = us.`sidekickID` ```
  4. Perhaps they're connected to the same db?
  5. Im interested, unfortunately I've no examples, but happy to draft one up
  6. Thats a good question sim, unless its made to remove from all other markets if purchased in one market, I think that maybe beneficial in some areas - but I think it would help if the listing was detailed to say its listed elsewhere, maybe? Struggling to work out which way would work best really. Is a good question
  7. Spydre452

    Item System

    I guess if there in an advantage to paid content, it must reflect and be relative to the games economy (growth of economy) and/or average game stats to avoid a blowout through a couple of donations. I suppose the biggest flaw here is finding a nice equilibrium between paid and non paid content, I mean, and not in all cases, but you'd expect a little premium play if you are to donate to dev/content but at the same time, I think vanity items offer somewhat similar premium and feel good factors. I hope my wording is correct there 😅
  8. Spydre452

    Item System

    I'd agree w Sim, an item system can be so dynamic and fulfilling - if the work is put in, but it isn't generally used to its full potential. There's so much that the in-game items can influence the individual users experience, yet most games that I've played/seen, tend to just list an item name, image and stat upgrade. However, as sniko suggests about p2w - I agree that it shouldn't be tailored to monetize off the community, yet should be used to boost and involve itself into the existing mods.
  9. Nice Andy, just from looking at the screenshots, I think the green colour compliments the army theme of the game fairly well, my only concern would be the blue on black in some cases, sort of irritates the eyes in my opinion.
  10. Goodluck Sim, I've seen your dedication through recent posts, especially on your new item mod, you do produce some nice content!
  11. Spydre452

    Quiet around here

    That would be interesting to see, let me know if this develops, be good to try out 🙂
  12. Spydre452

    COD MW

    I play this, playstation. Took me a while to actually like the game, j think I was just too bad to begin with and struggled to get a kill, map unknown etc. Really enjoying it now. Feel free to add me - phntmst
  13. Spydre452

    Quiet around here

    Ah text based game, I think my terminology is also a little outdated and sat back in 2012. I'll make a game projects post in a few days to lend some details and test play availability for those that are interested.
  14. Spydre452

    Quiet around here

    I'm fairly active, usually past midnight GMT, but I do check for unread content periodically throughout the day Just busy working on a tbg project and looking further into PHP to try and improve my skill set as I'm quite a few years behind on speed and security 😅
  15. Coming along real nice sim, good work!
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