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  1. Aaron_


    Due to a few things going on in my personal life, I’m open to offers if anyone is interested in purchasing the game. It’s a completely bespoke build using Symfony 5 and offers a lot of unique features. If your interested in purchasing, please message me, no time wasters, a lot of time and effort has gone into building the codebase and I’d like that to be reflected in the sale price.
  2. Aaron_


    Hi all! After a few weeks testing and adding functionality (and a name change), I’ve pushed the game onto a production environment, if you wish to check it out you can do so over at https://generalsuprising.com It’s still early days, but I have some really cool features planned out as I look to expand on what’s already included 🙂
  3. Aaron_


    Hi all, After some time away from developing due to other commitments, I finally found some time to pick this project back up and I now have something ready for early stage testers. If your interested in giving it a play and sharing some feedback then please drop me a message and I'll be happy to share the link with you. Thanks!
  4. We are still hiring for paid positions. Lots of work and some really exciting projects to work on for the right person!
  5. Hi all, Myself and @Dave are always in need of development help with our games. We have consistent work for the right people who can be reliable, trustworthy and deliver a good standard of work ontime. If you are looking for work, and fit the above, please drop me a DM. Regards, Aaron
  6. I think you’d be surprised at what these games can still earn 🙂
  7. Congrats on the launch Andy! Will be sure to check it out.
  8. Even more heavily modified now 😄
  9. Aaron_


    Hi Paul! Welcome to the forum! 🙂
  10. Welcome to the forum! 🙂
  11. Aaron_


    Welcome to the forum!
  12. Aaron_


    I’m sorry that my originality can’t match yours! I’ll try harder next time 😀
  13. Aaron_


    Hi all! I thought I would provide a quick update on the project as I have been a little quite as of late! As @Dave has recently announced, we have partnered on the development of this gamen and Music Battle. Music Battle is the first game we intend to launch - which has meant that development on Romewars has slowed - which is why I have been so quite on this topic. We intend to launch Music Battle on Monday and then we'll be able to focus more of our time on Romewars. This partnership hopefully means that we can deliver a much more exciting gameplay experience for both games, and I am still really excited about the potential that Romewars has with some really cool ideas in my mind on how to make this game as unique as possible. As soon as we have the BETA version ready, I'll be sure to message everyone who has commented to give them access!
  14. Aaron_

    Battle System

    The above is pretty similar to how Clash of Clans works... it's a nice system. Romewars has a turn based system with a little strategy involved which I think is pretty unique and works well. You just have to make sure that attacks can be made without both players needing to be live and involved, as then your banking on your game being super active - which isn't always the case.
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