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  1. If you're only making an app to render your own website, then I would say not to bother. A website rendering app s called a mobile browser, So what can you yourself do better than firefox, chrome, safari,... on a mobile to render your website? I'd say your efforts are better concentrated on creating a responsive website so that mobile browsers can render it better.
  2. I wouldn't say old topic are an issue. They'll either liven up or move back down as new content is created. Content but that's older but still relevant may pick up, or it may not. But let it be where it is, people might find it usefull, or maybe even fix some bugs, upgrade code, ... It will pick up in a bit. One thing though @Dave, maybe you can do something about the links and references to many of these posts. Many links have been renamed to old.makewebgames.io/showthread.php which of course leads to nowhere.
  3. I would actually go for both. Mobile market is huge and not to be underestimated, but I still prefer playing on my computer as it has a much nicer feel to it. If you start afresh, and time is not a constraint, make sure that your backend can handle different front-end "apps", and eliminate the hassle of adding a mobile app later on.
  4. I like browser based games and it's almost all I play. I do prefer a bit more than pure text, the eyes need something too. A little graphics didn't hurt anyone yet ?
  5. I'm working on a better sleep pattern. Does that count too? Have some other ideas that involve programming, but am nowhere near a start.
  6. Nah it's no shame, it's a very solid base ? I use Ubuntu/Debian about as much as I use CentOS in my own projects. It just depends on the applications and needs it has. Both have their uses and disadvantages. Like what? In all honesty, you can use the terminal if you'd like, but I wouldn't know what you'd still need to do in the terminal for most operations. Everything has been either clickety click or plug and play for a while, at least that is my view on things. Maybe I just get to used to things. Either way, love the terminal, it's what I miss most on Windows ? Stop br
  7. Let's revive an old thread and see if we got some additional adoption or voices. I mainly use ubuntu for fast pacing environments and main own desktop OS, besides that CentOS is the other main choice for server deployments. Applications that require more 'stability' in terms for software updates and have a longer lifecycle will probably end up on CentOS. Ofcourse, corporations really like RHEL which counts for 99% of the linux/unix deployments during office hours.
  8. Nickson


    Oh man the feelings! I went back even a bit further. The design isn't there anymore and I do not have any screenshots of that but what a place it was. https://web.archive.org/web/20080331173634/http://www.criminalexistence.com/ceforums/index.php
  9. that's NWE (or new worlds engine) which was another engine from Alain. Will check if I can find something later.
  10. Nickson

    PC Setups

    @home: Fractal Design Define R4 XXL Intel i7-4790K 16GB of Ramz 1x 256GB SSD 2x 8TB HDD in RAIDz1 Ubuntu 18 2x HP Z23n thin bezel 1920x1080. @office: Dell 5580 Intel i7-7820HQ 16GB of Ramz 1x 512GB PCI SSD Ubuntu 18 1x LG 34UC99
  11. Not a problem guys, just remember this when I need my diaper changed ;)
  12. Go for Synlogy. Excellent feature list, good support (both commerical & community wise), might be a little more expensive though.
  13. I think we certainly should. The rules I drafted up once, were merely a reminder of how mdshare once launched the rules. To avoid confusion (and because no decision was made to change it) the rules were more or less just written down. I'd believe these rules need a whole overhaul. See what's still relevant, remove others, add new ones,... @Alan, if you have other suggestions, please share it with us.
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