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  1. Help us by voting cubicverse on steam, and yes we do have a client and if we succeed to be greenlighted we will be integrated into steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=232742676
  2. After nearly 10 months of hard work, we are finally ready and proud to announce our latest multi player online role playing game Cubicverse. Cubicverse is a full role playing game running directly in your browser, doesn't require any plugin and yet offers an experience similar to those isometric role playing games which made history. The game includes an infinite 3D procedurally generated world mixed with staff and user created maps. You can walk seamlessly across the whole world, never having to wait for a map load (unless you teleport yourself), and yet explore our ever growing universe. The game runs in an alternate medieval fantastic universe, where magic exists but will require some efforts to gain, where you are able to craft your own items or gather them from your adventures and combats, explore mines and dungeons, meet new people and follow quests and missions. However the game doesn't stop here, it also offers an area open to player modifications, letting them modify the map at their will, create their own missions and stories and let other player visit it. The game is free to play, forever, with later on a premium membership which will unlock special abilities. Join us now, and help us build a new fantastic universe at: http://www.cubicverse.com Main features: Infinitely sized world Play as much as you want Free to play Interact with other players Quests and missions Battles against monsters Multiple type of areas Craft your own equipment Brew your potions Melt your ore Live chat Full 3D world Isometric rendering Player owned / handled areas Player written quests Constant updates / improvement The home page: In game: Inventory and crafting: NPC Dialogs: Potions: Skills:
  3. I doubt you would have issues with browsers beside those on mobile devices and even there I'm pretty sure you will have a pretty good support. IFRAMES can offer some advantages if well used, as well can be a pure pain if badly used (as any tech, even ajax btw). I would therefore not drop it just like that.
  4. I'm all the day long on #php-games on ipocalypse.net (the same you can reach from the chat link on top).
  5. Indeed dnenb, keeping your registered player is a huge step forward, specially because happy players may actually advertise your game for you, without even the need to ask them.
  6. here is an approximation (a few values are not appearing at the right time but you can continue to tweak the formula): a=1.1 b=0.08 c=0.46 d=1 e=0.28 y=round(sin((x-c)/a+(e*x)))*(x*b)+d)) [ATTACH=CONFIG]1234[/ATTACH] Series 2 (and column C) are your original values, while column B and series 1 is my current approximation. Mathlab or excel can both help you ;)
  7. As it goes up and down it seems to be something related to a sin or cos. As the numbers are also int, I would say there is a rounding too as well as like a second sin to increase the effect over time. Remains to tweak all those to find the right effect. Other option use Mathlab and it's curve fitting to let it find it for you ;)
  8. BTW Script, 3 of the 4 modules you submitted has been refused... I sent you a PM about it.
  9. You need to change the version at each new submissions normally. Otherwise people which already have your module installed they will not get the update.
  10. Or maybe you didn't added all the commands to the install.sql, as the upgrade files are executed only while upgrading not the first time.
  11. Well wasn't a big thing ;) And it's called: USER SUPPORT... something which is missed by some other guys out there.
  12. - Implemented the ban into the chat as well - Fixed the update of the online list - Implemented whispers via the command: /msg <username> <message>
  13. Ok the chat module have been updated, the ban should now block sending / receiving messages, the online list refreshes (it wasn't), and you can now whisper to somebody by doing /msg <username> <your message>
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