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  1. Script47


    I'm sure V3 would fix that...
  2. Is there any proof for the monthly earnings?
  3. God damn it... @illusions How's it like to be resurrected pal? I looked around your game yesterday, are you still working on it? P.S. I even attacked you but had to run away because I had no weapons.
  4. @peterisgb How did you come to know this? I'll just leave this here:
  5. Well now I'm confused. Paging @Ian, you need to clarify this! Edit: If it is in fact regarding the site theme, then I wish to revote as light, you're not alone @Dave.
  6. @FoohonPie I do believe that this is a generic question (so IDE color scheme, browser theme etc.).
  7. Script47

    Hey hey

    All in folks! I dun goofed... In other news, @Ian, you've got a fair few players, were they around from before or are they new? The game reminds me of Infamous Gangsters.
  8. We also need to display the audit data easily, so db is the best place for it.
  9. We have a lot of auditing requirements so that's another reason. Everything has to be recorded and records have to kept.
  10. Ideally, yes. However we have two issues: 1. Majority of our clients are part of the government one way or another so they don't like change and their previous software used this API so we have to make use of it. 2. The API we are using is done by a behemoth company and from what I know, they are the "best", apparently.
  11. @Dave In our case we were saving the response from an API. The reason being was that although the API was brilliant at what it did, it was extremely haphazard in what it returned, as such we'd store the whole response as JSON and simply look through the keys and values when showing the output. Sure, there were a couple common fields but other than that, it would differ.
  12. I recently (last week) had to come up with a query working with JSON data it seemed to work quite well. I did find it a hassle to get it to work with LIKE / array matches too and that was quite a bit of hassle, other than that, I found it to be quite useful.
  13. Aye, no doubt. Just to clarify, when I say procedural, I don't mean completely lacking classes, sure, you'd have your helper classes but the bulk of the system would be procedural. I guess it boils down to preference and what you are making.
  14. Ya know, if I'm quite honest, I've always been of the opinion that an engine or anything for that matter that isn't massively complicated and is well written, is fine being procedural. I'm not a die hard advocate for OOP in all cases. If your aim is to make some that is easy enough for newbs to use then keep it as such.
  15. This perfectly segways into my suggestion, I was going to suggest competitions each month, one major and one minor, could be a game (TBG, PBBG or otherwise) or software etc.
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