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  1. could have a table in the boss called resettimer or something like that, so when boss hp = 0 it will insert a random number into that from say 120 to 240 (represents mins) then add a cron min to count this down in header, something like if resettimer= < 60 then "new boss in mins left" in the cron check for 5 mins left then re fill the bosses health, Pay crystals for an attack boost on the boss (each attack you land does 5% more damage stacking upto 10 times 50% total) (this buff lasts for the duration that the boss is alive) if the boss doesn't die after a set period of time, an
  2. Yeah it would work pretty well give players something to look forward too. Could even have a little count down time on header Next boss in (time) Boss up click here to attack type thing It's a good mod. Lots of possibilities for it. And it's somthing new to mccodes aswell really like the idea
  3. Pretty cool Idea. Set it so the boss spawns say 14:00 server time till 15:00 St. And then again every 3 hours
  4. Look on the edit I added where he shown a previous screenshot showing more conversation after "what is your payment details" Yet he forgot to shop that into the second screeny
  5. http://i.imgur.com/OuK9Fpo.jpg Check the lines inside the marked part. All edits leave trace Secondly you still forgot to edit in the part after asking for payment details or did that part just disappear from the chat log along with anything else said after that Edit: http://s1.postimg.org/lzezr08xp/image.png Anyhow I'm finished with wasting my time with this thread and the rat it's about. It's a small community and most have had some soft of problem with this kid
  6. Few questions 1, what are you details so I can send payment. The part under that is missing. From where you blanked it out in your first snippet 2, it says you added him in chat at the bottom but at the top it says you don't have him added. Skype bug?   Edit. Note he edited the post updating the picture 2 mins after I pointed out the mistake he made with in question 2.
  7. No it isn't I just checked all the barclays branches within a 5 mile radius of you house. Or are you traveling further than your local branches? Taking a full screenshot will change everything The reason you won't do this is because it doesn't exist
  8. I can upload the psd. As posted in the screenshot you provided Gives you the rights to use it Not edit Two separate things Not to mention adding designed by reece removing my tags
  9. Open Skype now whilst your at your computer And retake that screenshot of the convo with death showing full Skype including his profile pic and Skype name And clear you name What's stopping you? No more delays get it done
  10. Well we're still waiting on proof death sold you the layout That seems to be the only thing you can't post. You keep going off topic to try avoid it On good luck at that bank meeting tomorrow. I wish I was important enough for my bank to open up on bank holidays just to fit me in for a meeting
  11. The full convo. Don't just take snippets reece post the whole thing http://puu.sh/9171B.jpg
  12. I'm sure there is a quote by you on Peters thread whee you said you made and designed that layout he just coded it for you If you're going to lie at least remember them
  13. £0.01 if you kill it before it lays eggs - - - Updated - - - also how did i not notice this before!! the little bastard even stole my header images and just re sized it and added some sparkles (along with pretty much my layout style) http://puu.sh/5ZBD7
  14. yes he is from manchester in UK - - - Updated - - -   He isn't a smart kid surly he should have known it was bank holiday before using an excuse like "i have a meeting with the bank" Just more lies from him
  15. pretty sure the bank is also closed tomorrow you know bank holiday monday so i would love to know how he is a meeting with the bank
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