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  1. I've been writing PHP for 3 years or more now and I thought it would be great to share how I do it. #IDE I mainly use PHPStorm or sometimes VSCode when I need to check a snippet in another project Here's a screenshot of my PHPstorm IDE I'm a dark themes fan and I also like skulls art 😉 #TERMINAL My terminal of choice is iTerm2. I'm using the Z shell and Oh My Zsh. The color scheme used is a slightly modified version of Solarized Dark. I'm using several hands crafted aliases and functions. MacOS # I love to use the latest version of the MacOS and even signed up for the beta program to receive beta updates ( I get a hell of bugs and glitches sometimes though but meeh) #Dev Environment To run my PHP projects locally I use Laravel Valet PHPmyAdmin and SequelPro for SQL database management Gitkraken to manage my GIT Repos ( i don't like writing git commands) Sometimes I want to stream movies or watch a tutorial while coding so I use Helium Browser, it can float anywhere in your windows. POSTMAN to test API calls Blisk Browser to test my websites across all screens one time I love the 1995 keyboard kinda sound while typing so I installed Tickeys I love to document and plan my projects before I start them so I use Trello to do that ( a project management tool) I do a lot of copy and paste and sometimes I wish to go back to what I've copied e.g yesterday or a month ago I use Paste for that ( a clipboard manager) Sometimes I exceed my 8GB ram on my laptop and my cooling fan makes a very loud noise, so for me to monitor my ram usage and avoid the noise I installed RunCat ( The cat runs at the speed according to the CPU usage of your Mac.) These are the main tools I use daily though for now, if I come across any better ones or ones not listed here I will update this thread. What do you think?
  2. I'll install on my Xbox soon, I'm using a Mac and can't install.
  3. It's cool, You can send your skype ID to my inbox I'll send you a request right away.
  4. electrode

    Mobile Design

    I think this is a good idea too, it won't be easy to maintain two different themes.
  5. Thanks so much for this, Inspiring.
  6. so basically what I see is one needs to develop a top-notch story and also nice graphics to spice the game up to be acceptable, right? something like this https://taustation.space/
  7. You do not need that though you might as well use this browser to test for mobile screens https://blisk.io/
  8. If you won't mind you can push the project to private repo and let me have a look at it, I write PHP / Laravel too and also can do stuff with JavaScript if need be.
  9. I like that and sure id love to collaborate on something like that. What web technology do you use to develop games?
  10. Hehehe I was expecting someone to mention torn, that game is crazy Very good point here, especially the mafia genre ,
  11. Over the years people have drawn more into graphics and images rather than reading texts I think, I have checked Reddit and here too and some other sites developers are really working hard to get their games out and everybody wants to develop a game too, but when I check the stats of the launched ones they don't even have up to 1k registered users. I have a couple of ideas too and after setting up my dev environment to start and so the question came to me that what if nobody gives a damn about my game because nobody plays browser texts games anymore. Or is there something I'm not seeing maybe some statistics I'm missing.
  12. electrode

    New Game

    No I do not have a sample nor an existing way I think it should look, but I just feel like there should be a kinda brand color just like the way when I talk about honey or bees I'll be expecting to see yellow and brown. But the admin interface approach is cool too and makes it easy to navigate through.
  13. Well I am active and available 😁
  14. electrode


    if you really wanna go back into history to see how MWG was like 5 years ago etc, https://web.archive.org/web/20100206093854/http://makewebgames.com/
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