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  1. lets wait for when MNG realease his game or if he want to show some screenshots
  2. and at same time working on my own game tho can't show any screens (only some ppl here in the community know about it) but lets say its me going all out 😄
  3. UPDATE: @MNG bought all the right to the theme for real 😄
  4. @Sim : FacePalm : He want a donator page to sell pack containing items or what ever he want with irl money, and u talking about ur item sys They are totaly 2 diffrent things
  5. @Sim what he want and what u talk about are 2 diffrent things
  6. actualy we cant know for sure the code is not organizd try use this site with this set of options, and repost the same code again http://beautifytools.com/php-beautifier.php
  7. yup they are always the best way and at the same time it will be faster and wont use resources of the site
  8. i will still recommend urban upgrade page, but if it cant work with you i can give it a try for a "Item Shop".
  9. Im planing a new leaderboard exactly wha u talking about, will start it this weekend busy thous days irl
  10. that shit gona cost about $50 😛 it had a hidden feature i didnt show that for the idea copy rights 😄
  11. well the images are from games like pubg and survival games and google but im not talking about the img im talking about the ui/equipment design
  12. Lone worker here too
  13. @peterisgb why would you use that why dont use item icons nad add the legend as a header for that position
  14. would love some 700$ want to get a new pc 😛
  15. ags_cs4

    Cash APP

    BTC and ETH already have crazy fees, and u give them discounts?
  16. Version 1.0.0

    Infinity ACP a new Face for the GL control panel. This theme was in the making for months finaly i finished it, why took it months no idea but wanted to keep the same acp tables ... but make it responsive How to Install the ACP theme (infinity.zip) Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Theme Manager Click on Install Theme Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions How to Install admin mod (admin.zip) Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Deactivate The Old Admin mod Confirme the action Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions Need Help?: contact me here or in discord (PHPkiller#5602).


  17. thanks for taking action @Dave this will be happening lot with time, but we will try to stope them
  18. @Sim hmm its long story but will try to sum it up you conect ur MWG acc to verify if you have the licence to use the mod and only one user can use that mod so they dont share accounts .... just some extra security. os the mods or themes wont be shared
  19. @Djkanna no problem this will happen sooner or later whan the old kids are back not talking about all of them but most are like this, and thous will ruin it for the good ones but what can we do
  20. hes back going by a difrent name watch out, his new name is: @Danny_T so watch out from him he already flipped @Eurogangster hit the barrels mod and put it for free.
  21. good move to secure ur code, but keep the mod page and dont upload the files add a txt file for how to contact u and then they get the file directly from you this way ur mod will be still known and show in the market. GL engine need a licence / security to protect the sellers like you said urban we have to upgrade the mod installer with a connect ur MWG account with only one session each
  22. ags_cs4

    Cash APP

    that mean i get 25$ 😂
  23. wtf, this have 86 lines. unless u edited some function and removed the end } of that function
  24. @AdamHull i know some one too but cant give any promises 😄
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