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  1. Its a bug when you are the max rank, for now make a rank with 2b exp and ill push a fix soon
  2. I would advise against this as money rank can fluctuate alot during game play.
  3. Google chrome dev console https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/device-mode
  4. Dayo


    Yeah my bad stupid auto correct πŸ˜›
  5. Dayo


    What I said was not meant as a dig, I take my hot off to you for being able to work on a phone. Good to see you get a laptop it should up your productivity a lot.
  6. Dayo


    Ive often fixed code on my phone, once walking up a mountain and another time on the side of the M1. But i would not choose to do it all day every day
  7. Without the cookie based login user accounts are automatically logged out after a few hours (dependant on your server settings)
  8. No it will redirect to the landing page that was set up in the ACP, it wouldn't be hard to change it though
  9. Dayo

    Cookie Based Login

    Version 1.0.0


    This module converts GL to use a cookie based login rather than a session based login. This module does not edit any core files rather than replacing $_SESSION completely it instead works along side it. If your $_SESSION has been destroyed it will then check the $_COOKIE and set $_SESSION accordingly. This has only been tested on 2.2.3 and the upcoming 2.3.0 but it should work on any version of GL with the module loader.
  10. At the end of the day, you should use what every you are comfortable with. GL is still quite new and still developing (6 years old lol). All engines have their pros and cons and its working out what best fits your game.
  11. After looking at benniboiis response that is probably more efficient then what i did before.
  12. Ill post an updated fix for people later, im also chnaging the module a bit so you can have several crimes use the same timer. i.e. Crimes 1, 2, 4 and 6 share the same timer. if you do any of these they wioll stop you doing the others. But you can still do crimes 3 and 5. This allows you to have different types of crimes.
  13. Yeah but you can usually get them cheap 2nd hand, the would setup would be under $200 im guessing.
  14. Unless you need the portability have you though about a raspberry PI, For basic web development its actually not that bad. When i was between offices i used one for a few days to do some basic GL mods it was pretty good tbh plus a whole lot cheaper then a laptop/PC
  15. what do you mean by "GDRP"
  16. here is an example of how you can do this cronless, using my workout mod as an example. <?php // {module_name}.hooks.php new Hook("userInformation", function ($user) { global $page; if ($user) { $secondsBetweenGain = 60; // How often (in seconds) you want them to regen "ram" $timer = "ramRegen"; // Make sure you always change this if you have it in a different hooks file! $last = $user->getTimer($timer); // When was the last time the users ram regened $seconds = (time() - $last); // Calculates how m
  17. Dayo

    Work Setups

    No I don't host anything publicly on there, I need one for work (Ive been working from home for 3+ years now) i use it to spin up VMs and customer databases (some are 400GB in size). My internet is 200 Down 20 Up in the new year i wasa thinking of upgrading to 1000 Down 100 Up Just some cheap ones from amazon, when i get my new office (and they are in stock) i plan on getting the mats from LTT as ill need 3/4 different sizes
  18. Dayo

    Work Setups

    Yeah I hate seeing cables, when the builders have finished converting my garage into my office i plan on doing it even better πŸ˜›
  19. If you disable the output of headers and go to the image link it should throw an error, I presume you are missing the GD library
  20. Dayo

    Work Setups

    After seeing SRBs setup i thought it would be cool to see others setups, here is mine. I'm not much of a fan boy I use intel, AMD, nvidia, windows, mac OS and linux. Each tool has its uses so why only use half a toolbox πŸ˜‰ Main Development Setup 2x Dell 2560x1440 monitors Thunderbolt hub so only a single cable needed to charge my laptop/multiple displays 2019 Macbook Pro 6c/12t i7 CPU 16GB DDR4 Ram 512GB SSD 5300M Pro GPU Gaming PC/Windows Test Machine Ryzen 5 3600X 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz MSI 1660 Super 1Tb NVMe SSD RGB! Server Rack 1st Server - (mass file st
  21. When your reading a topic at 10pm at night on your phone white is too much, plus how does the preference on dark theme make it less professional? Great work looks awesome!
  22. @Dave the dark theme seems to be broken, takes forever to load broken HTML @Dave also the "My Marketplace Files" link does not work
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This simple mod will automatically generate ranks/levels for your game saving you having to make them yourself. Just put in the values you want and click generate, any existing ranks/levels will be deleted and the new ones will be generated. Any existing user will be updated to the new correct rank.
  24. That is correct it’s just a placeholder in the McCodes theme that is included with the premium version
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