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  1. And for the code: $gangid = abs(@intval($_GET['id'])); $q = mysql_query(sprintf("SELECT * FROM `gangs` WHERE `gangid` = %d", $gangid)) or die(mysql_error()); if(mysql_num_rows($q) == 0) { echo '<p>There is no such gang! <a href="index.php?p=gangs">Back</a></p>'; $h->footer(); exit; }   I don't like the use of @ and strintf... :S
  2. I understand that but. I just converted 2 files and added some functions to some files for a convert i did from GRPG -> MCC. Took me no more than 5mins after looking at the mcc table names :S They is a replace functions in almost any text editor :S $user_class-> "namehere" would be $ir['namehere'] :S only other thing is to include globals and change grpgusers to users in the SQL's if its something using items then it could possibly go up to $15 because they is so many things to change.
  3. Well. In a word no. But like everything else. I learn from pratice/doing more than reading.
  4. if($ir['location'] != $r['location']) { echo'noob.'; exit; else { //attack code here... }
  5. Thanks nick I've decided to learn more about PHP and mysql(i). Anyone have any good ideas for learning OO PHP?
  6. What way would be the best? Client or BB? In the past I've had a poll done on 2 forums and all gamers say BB games are always better for poeple with low DL speed.
  7. Ah I see now sorry :) Yeah $1 seems fair :) But No mod And I mean NO mod will cost $25 xD Good luck on sales
  8. Hey A_bertrand. Well I was thinking of making a top down mmorpg. But I don't know wehter to have it browser based or client based. I'm going more towards BB mmorpg because people don't like waiting for downloads :P
  9. When this goes open source (if it does!) Please send me a PM or email :D
  10. Well... Today I turned 19 and I looked at what I know and I'm thinking I need to know more. So any sujestions on what I should learn? (Web development languages only please/ or mark up) Thanks
  11. Ermm... Why not help the community a little(write a tut on mod converting) Converting mods takes less than 5mins so where do you get $25 from?
  12. ShadyCoco

    Need Help ASAP

    Hey. You need to add "donatordays" to the database. That would solve this little error :) EDIT: Sorry didn't read the whole thread. But as I said just add donatordays to your DB. And read the code and add the fields that you need EG: howmanydays :)
  13. Hey. I love the idea behind this game. Would you ever sell the source? Or make it open source (with credits,link back)?   :)
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