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  1. Hi my names dylan, most know me as mugzy, im currently working on a game with the GRPG engine, i have updated it to run on php7++ so is all converted to PDO:: i have worked with the graphics a tiny bit(new to design so please be nice XD )but im looking for some ideas and a whole new look! Aswell as a partner to help me build and add modules, help me remove any errors, be a on hand developer! The theme is crime/mafia and as i said before runs on php7+ PDO:: I have alot of great ideas but just not enough man power! Please anyone willing to become a partner and help me build and establish a great game then feel free to hit me up on discord! Mugzy#2559 or feel free to chat me on here! Any ideas welcome, feedback or banter! ๐Ÿ˜ thanks in advance
  2. Yes because it id based around tribalwars. And the images are open source and are free to use . Aslong as you dont run it on a illegal TWLAN script, as mine is custom i am allowed to host it the same as infernal-wars which is using tribwars images but is also a custom engine that is allowed to be online and infernal-wars has been running 8-10 years or so now
  3. Its not a clone its a full custom script completely coded by me. The clones that our out for tribalwars are 10 years old, and look nothing like mine, i can provide screenshots of a tribalwars clone to show you that the cloned released versions are nothing like mine nd the only artwork by tribalwars that are being used is a single avatar images, that is actually open sourced and is not actually owned by tribalwarsTM If you take your time to look around rhe server you will see it is all custom built and has alot of differant features and custom modules that tribalwars does not have. It is fully licensed, fully secured and is far from a tribalwars opensource clone, the only clones of tribalwars are TWLAN and that is over 10 years old and as i said before looks nothing like my engine and has only 10% of the features my custom engine does.
  4. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ design could be updated i agree but as i work alone its a slow process, plus i have other bugs and stuff to work on mainly before we even touch the design
  5. Im in need of another coder to help with my project, i have a few things left to do that i require help with before the game is finised! Please contact me on discord Mugaru#2559 so we can discuss further...
  6. Mgzy

    Image Help

    Ive been trying to get a users profile image onto the leader/ranking board next to there name as a premium function aswell as having a tribes coat of arms on the leaderboard/ranking as premium but i cannot seem to link to specific persons image or gang coat of arms image. Can anyone lend me a hand?
  7. Trying my best๐Ÿ˜

  8. Great just making surebit was deffo the css and not an internal problem Css now fully updated ๐Ÿ˜Š thanks for your feedback to help me resolve this issue, it was loading correctly for me ive had to use seperate devices to check its now working, as even tho i cleared cache... on my vps it would still load the same BUMP
  9. Sure thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ does it allow you to enter the village and show you this screen below? Or is it blank completely
  10. @KyleMassacreIt is currently live but not active as such as it is not complete, it is a custom engine as it has been rebuilt. @Cryptography yes there is a plan to redesign the game but i am not very good at css/designing myself, i have done abit but not alot. @adamhullyes i speak both language but i am currently in process of completing full english translation as it is a language mainly used in many countries and regions, also yes i have to look at the java for the login page to help load better, also the white background? Is this when initially creating a village and joining the world, if so this is because i am currently editing the css for this page and is under construction graphically๐Ÿ˜Š But thank you for all your feedbacks much appreciated
  11. Hi, i am mgzy also know as mugz๐Ÿ˜Š... I am looking for a parnter to help me with my current project. It is a tribal/medieval game in which each player has there own village to defend and grow! I need someone with experiance in php and html, im looking for a co-owner who is looking to take 50% of any profits after all bills for vps, domain etc are paid in return for their help and skills! This game was built from a engine, but has been totally 100% custom and modified in every way, all the files are rebuilt and edited from scratch, every action, everything accept some of the base images, therefor this engine is legal to be allowed on the net, i have already done alot of work to this game but i am looking for someone to give it that push and help me with some ideas i have for the future..! Thanks any help would be appreciated
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