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  1. Chaotic Survival had its own featured newspaper article https://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/18794070.computer-whizz-creates-online-role-playing-game-lockdown/
  2. Hey there! Thankyou! I like it too! like the fact you gotta earn and build your base! thanks for your feedback!
  3. Proud supporter of the face masks!
  4. Thankyou! I appreciate your feedback! Just to update everyone... again! Chaotic Survival will be leaving beta and going live on 1st January 2021 00:00 GMT +1 Start your new year off with a brand new game! Be happy if you all joined me there!
  5. Yes I have. That’s also in the process 🙂
  6. Update: IOS app: iOS app is now optimised for iPad users and it's been updated to fix errors the app had. Here is latest update live on app store. What’s NewAug 8, 2020 Version 1.2 - Bug Fixes - Adjusted to iPad OS - Updated Advertisement Screenshots - Newest Features - Fixed Attacking Issue - Fixed Colouring Issue - Fixed Register Issue - Fixed Reset Password Issue - Fixed Typos New features: - New login (video 3.0) video0.mp4 - Added User profile drop-down (screenshot 3.1) - New equipped slots (1-3 weapons) (screenshot 3.2) - Weapon attachments (screenshot 3.3) - Page tutorial popups (screenshot 3.4) - Tribe profiles created and now viewable (screenshot 3.5)
  7. Just updating this post with some new features and screenshots Screenshots consist of: - New Workbench (crafting) feature - use components found around the map to create and craft your very own weapons - Ammo Crafting - Ammo crafting to use nodes used by farming to craft your ammo - New survivors list with search function - easier to navigate and understand with a built in search feature - Airdrops (on the forums page) - top right corner there's a green popup box displaying you claimed the airdrop (loaded with special weapons and loot) - Tribes I'm working on more and more features as time goes by, I'm hopefully aiming to have the game fully finished by December 2020 and that month will be extensive testing for the official release on 01/01/2021. Anyone is welcome to join and play now, it's a fun environment when there is no punishments and free stuff to mess around with!
  8. Hey! Yes I did use WebView. What kinda tips did you want/are looking for?
  9. iOS app is now released and live. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chaotic-survival/id1501613131?ls=1 Alot of effort, but I've finally managed it!
  10. Hello! I've been on MWG for years but never actually properly posted so here's to my first proper post. For awhile now, I've wanted a game I can play via my phone (when not at my computer), a game similar to Rust but I know that's a no-go so in December, I decided to create my own survival game engine. I'd like to share my progress and my ideas in the hopes people who read may like the look of what they see! So my survival engine is set after end of the world. When you register, you're promoted with old monitor screen reading a news broadcast which occurred before the destruction happened. Once accepted, you then begin your journey. Farming for materials (wood, stone, metal). This is for ultimately, quite a lot of things. Building bases, crafting items around the game. Certain items can increase your farming amounts (axe for wood and icepick for ores). Survivors have 2 inventories. 1 an actual inventory and the other is backpack. Everything gained in-game goes into your backpack and it's down to you to get those items placed into your inventory before other players attack and loot you. Your loot storage is safe from looters but whatever you have in your backpack isn't safe. Every 4 hours, a random loot drop is dropped on a random page (there's a 5 minute warning under logo when this is happening). Survivors have to navigate around the different pages to find the drop and loot it. Ofcourse, if you get the drop, there's a chance of being attacked and looted for that very drop you've just earned. Food: players can find pumpkin and corn seeds in loot monuments and they can grow them into their very own pumpkins or corn to eat. Eating increases hunger and health. Hunger is very valuable in the game and can't let it get to 0 otherwise you get placed in medic camp. Training in the 4 different training camps and searching monuments decreases hunger. Training camps: there is 4 training camps with 4 different stats Sprint Camp - Speed Boxing Camp - Defence Shooting Camp - Aim Weights Camp - Power. Tribes: Tribes are friends way of acting as a group. Each attack earns your tribe a certain amount of respect and my plans for this is for all tribe members to share resources (wood, stone, explosives, guns etc). My plan for tribes is to be able to raid other survivors bases (which they have build with their own resources) But I'm not near that stage yet. Loot monuments: There is a custom made map in-game where you can search different monuments to gain resources and components. I have successfully created and released my first very own app and is currently on the Google Play Store. I'm new to app coding so struggling with iOS but I know how much of a pain iOS are to get apps published. But that won't stop me from achieving it! I'll attach screenshots of the game. Feel free to express your opinions or ideas. Either here, in-game or via my Discord. Mitchell#1143 This is my Discord server if you want to join and chat: https://discord.gg/pgB2DYG For the Google Play App visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.chaoticsurvival iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chaotic-survival/id1501613131?ls=1 Game URL: https://chaoticsurvival.com/ Thanks for reading guys! 🙂 Mitchell
  11. You’re wanting me to sell mods direct from Ruthless City. Which I am not going to do.
  12. Mitchell


    All engine rights now belong to William Wester. http://www.ruthless-city.com
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