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  1. Hello MWG! I'm writing this as Chaotic Survival has reached its first milestone (for me anyway). Chaotic Survival has been publically released to the world for 1 month now! You can read my first original post (in beta) here: https://makewebgames.io/topic/27520-my-first-survival-engine Since the release, Chaotic Survival got 200 players within first month (a milestone I set for myself)with plenty new features and updates from before beta. Please see them below. Player Vending Machines: (players can swap their items for other items via their vending machines)
  2. I didn’t actually read your post that you took over the game. I was aiming my post at the OP, not yourself.
  3. I'd just like to add, on your privacy page, if you're going to copy and paste someone else's privacy policy, at least edit the original game name out of it. Torn was also mentioned 11 other times.
  4. Chaotic Survival had its own featured newspaper article https://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/18794070.computer-whizz-creates-online-role-playing-game-lockdown/
  5. Hey there! Thankyou! I like it too! like the fact you gotta earn and build your base! thanks for your feedback!
  6. Proud supporter of the face masks!
  7. Thankyou! I appreciate your feedback! Just to update everyone... again! Chaotic Survival will be leaving beta and going live on 1st January 2021 00:00 GMT +1 Start your new year off with a brand new game! Be happy if you all joined me there!
  8. Yes I have. That’s also in the process 🙂
  9. Update: IOS app: iOS app is now optimised for iPad users and it's been updated to fix errors the app had. Here is latest update live on app store. What’s NewAug 8, 2020 Version 1.2 - Bug Fixes - Adjusted to iPad OS - Updated Advertisement Screenshots - Newest Features - Fixed Attacking Issue - Fixed Colouring Issue - Fixed Register Issue - Fixed Reset Password Issue - Fixed Typos New features:
  10. Just updating this post with some new features and screenshots Screenshots consist of: - New Workbench (crafting) feature - use components found around the map to create and craft your very own weapons - Ammo Crafting - Ammo crafting to use nodes used by farming to craft your ammo - New survivors list with search function - easier to navigate and understand with a built in search feature - Airdrops (on the forums page) - top right corner there's a green popup box displaying you claimed the airdrop (loaded with special weapons and loot) - Tribes I'm wor
  11. Hey! Yes I did use WebView. What kinda tips did you want/are looking for?
  12. iOS app is now released and live. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chaotic-survival/id1501613131?ls=1 Alot of effort, but I've finally managed it!
  13. Hello! I've been on MWG for years but never actually properly posted so here's to my first proper post. For awhile now, I've wanted a game I can play via my phone (when not at my computer), a game similar to Rust but I know that's a no-go so in December, I decided to create my own survival game engine. I'd like to share my progress and my ideas in the hopes people who read may like the look of what they see! So my survival engine is set after end of the world. When you register, you're promoted with old monitor screen reading a news broadcast which occurred before the de
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