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  1. Its what I'm doing atm tbh
  2. Fair enough how much for the psd lol
  3. Do you have the code for the 2nd of the old theme bud id even buy it lol
  4. big_mike


    There should be a timer i coded it myself and sent it mark to upload so id assumed it was added.
  5. big_mike


    Ahh you might want to add a viewpoint to it then to scale it bud
  6. big_mike


    Looks alot better but maybe look into bootstrap so it scales better to devices 😊
  7. It happens to us all bud lol
  8. big_mike


    I was going to ask the same question as to where sim got the idea the OP was selling the game.
  9. Non disclosure agreement bud, basically you cant say a word to anybody about what you see or do on the game outside of development.
  10. no worries bud and im not really big on GL tbh as you will be aware there is quite alot of people using it thats why i decided to build from ground up so i can leave all the crap i dont need out of it but its all good was just an offer for you, hopefully you find something 🙂
  11. i might have something i am currently (started the other day lol) building a zombie survival rpg game, i have started the index page (subscribe page) i will be making it without any engine it will just be plain old mysqli from the ground up, not sure if this is something you might be interested in like but yea let us know if you want to talk about it more. cheers, mike.
  12. im assuming its for a login, so i would imagine they mean your missing the rest of the login eg the input boxes etc etc
  13. Just pointless spamming someone else's game with your game it gets you a bad name amongst the community and in some cases people visiting who you really don't want in today's current situation most of the people you don't want to visit are sat waiting for a reason to destroy what you build as SRB said he could just test your server load and that would have you running round like a headless chicken wondering what to do, if it aint you doing it maybe send out a mass system message saying for people not to it problem solved or if they continue to do so fed them on your game to show them you're not messing around. as you can see its not just 1 or 2 games its quite a few by the looks of it. sorry to say this but your game is going to really fail if you struggle to attract players on your own merit.
  14. big_mike


    i 2nd that. Its most defiantly Rc engine as ICC owned RC/UOTS.
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