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  1. Still looking for someone to do this.
  2. Just a little bump on this, haven't heard anything back wondering if its still being worked on or if anyone is interested. ☺️
  3. 1. It does not save its just for people to copy and paste, it is going to be a stand alone. 2. It just randomly picks between the mother and father That picture looks like basically what I'm asking for. Also would like for it to randomly pick if they are male or female and if its possible to list multiple pelt markings and randomly pick between all of the pelt markings that is listed.
  4. Looking for someone to make a generator for me, I own a site where we roll for litters and see what each one would look like, it would be amazing to have one auto roll everything for us. You would need to be able to list the mothers looks and the fathers looks, then roll to randomly determine how many pups are in the litter, their gender, looks, size..etc. Here is an example of what I am talking about just with different slots: I would like to have text fields that you can fill in and then it randomly picks instead of drop downs. These are the categories I want Body Size Build Ears Eye Color Nose/Pawpads Pelt Length Pelt Color Pelt markings Mutation I'll go into detail more if needed if someone is willing to take this on, I'm open to paying hourly but would prefer to just have a set payment for this job. ☺️
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