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  1. What’s your discord?
  2. What's yo game link, if ya don't mind me asking :D
  3. I'm sorry I been out and about but if you add me on discord or anything I might be able to provide with updated files or even help with this engine :D
  4. 2) That's a mod I recently added 3) Fixed 4)Fixed 5) Forums will be removed and remade from scratch
  5. MNG

    Prison Reloaded

    Nice! Looks pretty good!
  6. This is probably 1 of my favorite prison themes I created since I returned, will probably start playing once I return off vacation.
  7. As a designer, never use the “u” word. It’s obvious this designer was a beginner and I’m sure now they have developed their own sense of design. You criticize by telling him what you dislike about the design.
  8. 1) Not sure where your speaking about 2) Will look into 3) Problem fix 4) Problem fix 5) Problem fix 6) Problem fix
  9. Thanks, this thread is pretty helpful :D
  10. Oh register isn't up yet, user -demo pass - demo Oh wasn't aware you speaking to me sorry, that's on my to do list
  11. I haven't done much to engine besides switch all edits over from RC to GRPG A lot of my plugins are created/converted from @Mad Caper and @adamhull My Edits - Rubys - New Staff Section - Layout/Mobile Layout Here's a pic and link if anyone just wants to view it https://wisecrime.com User- demo Pass- demo
  12. MNG


    Seems GRPG is taking over
  13. MNG


    Nice, I really like the layout can't stop looking at the bars 😄
  14. MNG

    Relocated to the USA

    Welcome to the US and congrats on scoring Adobe! I love Texas, i'm actually thinking about moving their once I get out of the Army but right now i'm stuck in Colorado but your about 12 hours away which isn't too bad.
  15. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    This project is still continuing, I have switched to GRPG for the source code.
  16. MNG

    Help Wanted

    You want us to give full access to our hard work to a stranger? I'm horrible at PHP and I have helped people on this forum with problems without even having to access cPanel. If you are a reputable developer (like you are alan) then I already expect you to know the problem. Imagine paying developers over thousands of dollars on a project then boom you take a "risk", now someone selling copies of your project for 100 bucks. It's many ways to prevent this though A) Teamviewer (I use this with everyone who I have ever hired) B) Go to the section for that specific engine, i'm sure someone with a lot of knowledge of that engine knows (I usually prefer to hire developers that have knowledge of the engine I'm using) C) If it's a problem just google the error
  17. MNG


    Welcome back, I remember using your milestone plugin 😄
  18. I have a little knowledge with unity as well, you can shoot me a PM.
  19. I have a question, I bought this engine from NonStop a few months ago before this thread was made. I wanted to know is their any reimbursement or any chance of getting the UPDATED engine if shown valid proof of purchasing from him? As I don't really see it's the buyers fault if he was an representative/partner/etc for the engine.
  20. MNG

    RC Engine Mods

    In no rush, was just curious. Message ya on discord
  21. MNG

    RC Engine Mods

    I am looking to hire an developer to create a donation mod (design already created just need an actually API and automated), player type (MTG has took on this task but no update) and president mod. My budget for these 3 mods are $125. Need these done with in the next 2 weeks.
  22. Lol i'm still waiting for my mod
  23. It might save you some money if you already use an existing engine such as GRPG, the RC engine features are really simple and with the creators active on this forum i'm sure you can hire one of them to create the features for you. (If you want the design, I could definitely create you a layout related to the style, check my game thread) MCCODE is still out as well and I know for sure the features use for the RC engine are already out just gotta look for them. RC Engine, why not just use that engine and hire a developer to switch it to PHP 7 and PDO? I have a team that's capable of doing that part but as far as creating features its a no go. (You probably have to sign up to ruthless city and contact user ID 1 to see what's going on with the selling rights and stuff tho)
  24. https://www.street-crime.com/ I use to love this game, it's the whole reason I got into textbased games.
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