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    You can't say that, you use netbeans πŸ˜›
  2. SRB

    Work Setups

    Totally going off topic now, but we have been for a while, so never mind! Not sure if you're completely sold on current theme, but there's a developer called Dayle Rees who wrote up a tonne of themes for multiple editors, VSCode included. They can be previewed here - http://daylerees.github.io/ Peacock and Zacks were 2 of my favourite - I'm a dark theme kinda dude though, as we established recently.
  3. SRB

    Work Setups

    While I want to agree, I can't. Depending on what you're working with, VSCode is a solid choice. When I played around with React for a while, VSCode with a couple of plugins worked brilliantly. My opinion isn't because it's free, either - I have the full suite license for Jetbrains, so I could have used webstorm. Credit where credit is due for VSCode.
  4. Similar, but I bought the Autonomous one - https://www.autonomous.ai/standing-desks Premium model so it has the stronger motors / legs, as I didn't know how much everything on it would weigh - Premium model is guaranteed for 300 lbs of weight. Didn't buy it with a desktop because they are pretty standard sizes, and I wanted 1.9m across, which is very non-standard.
  5. Hope this helps your Anxiety, @Dave
  6. Likewise, I needed to tell someone to suck a meaty man stick - you left that wide open (not your mouth :P).
  7. Come on, you don't believe that, do you? The foreign aid budget for America is around 50 billion, which sounds a LOT - but it's less than half a percent of your countries GDP - and nothing in comparison to the estimated 5.5 TRILLION that is already funded to support your own country. There is no proof that Agent Orange actually stopped any funding, and we have to face a simple fact here. He was only speaking cutting foreign aid because he was talking about the cost of The Wall of Racism. Oh, and that 50ish billion that "they gave to us Americans", was nothing in comparison to th
  8. SRB

    Work Setups

    It’s been a while so I may be wrong, but... is that... Dreamweaver?!
  9. Nothing is free. An increase in tax percentages when this is all over, is my guess. Same with us in the UK - all this government funded furlough pay, and company bail outs - they're coming back around for that money when this is all over.
  10. Tell those people to suck on a meaty man stick. Half these people saying "OMG, DUN USSSSSEEEE EEETTTTT" don't have a game, or they do and it's making next to zero money - there are VERY few exceptions to this rule. I personally made $13k in the last 8 months of last year, from an MC Codes game, so it can definitely work. If that's your comfort zone, then that's where you should play.
  11. SRB

    Work Setups

    What mouse mat is that @Dayo?
  12. I have a desk mount that holds 3 monitors, but until my permanent desk top turns up, it's in the cupboard out the way. That said, the 2017 iMac doesn't have vesa support because the stand isn't detachable, so it will just hold the Dell screens up,
  13. 3 screens on desk are iMac 27inch retina (center - spec below) and 2x Dell P2415Q either side. Both Dell's on their standard mount. Left screen with multiple inputs which I switch, depending on what I'm doing - most of the time they are on mac input only. The PC to the left on the lower unit is... not that great. MSI motherboard. Intel i7-6700. GTX 1650 GAMING. 32 GB DDR4 with 240GB primary SSD, 512GB secondary SSD, 2TD HDD storage (Used to dual boot windows/linux hence 2 SSds) Might PC game, but I cheat and use Astro C40 (Just can't get down with KBM) I can
  14. Google - Notice in chrome, you can now select themes? Do you see their most rated theme? Apple - Yup, they know it's what people want too, hence we can now force mac's into dark mode Microsoft - I won't post screens for this, but we have dark mode options for Skype, Office, Edge, and most things they make. Default doesn't mean anything - it's simply the most streamlined across the board. The fact the Darcula theme is so widely used is the pivot points here. You can google yourself, but if you ask google why more developers use dark mode than
  15. Okay, I'm going to bite. How, in ANY capacity, is a person's choice of theme an indicator of their "professionalism'? You da man!
  16. I need dark theme back 😞
  17. Once @Dave tells me where he wants some money, I'll sort payment.
  18. Free generally means you have no recourse when everything goes wrong. Since you are not paying for a service, or guarantee of said service, when your entire web directory gets deleted, or your server goes offline, etc - there's nothing you can do. That said, it's Christmas and MWG has hosting for $10.25 a year - I'll happily pay for a year hosting here, for you. @Dave - You have some way for this to happen, I assume?
  19. Go on, I'll bite - let's see what kind of hackered Raven script you've bought.
  20. SRB

    JS get tr ID

    elem.click won't fire on anything loaded after dom-ready though, so always keep in mind what you plan to use the functionality on.
  21. SRB

    jQuery is undefined

    Stop being argumentative and listen to what they said. Find the missing = in this line. <script src"https://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script>
  22. Lay off the drugs dude.
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