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  1. Yep I do https://mafiammo.com is my current GRPG V2 project, I also currently develop modifications for https://yourthug.com which is GRPG v1 I don't have anything really for RC engine as I've just started playing with it and I've been working with MCCodes since MWG was around waay back in the day 😄 MCCodes work can be shown upon request as I've got a lot lol. For examples of actual code I've written just ask don't want to clutter the thread up.
  2. Creating custom modifications for all of the above mentioned engines. Prices depends on complexity of the modification and time required to create it. PM me for more information and quotes on ideas you have and would like see come to life.
  3. Mad Caper


    I vouch for Atom 100% I use it for all of my projects, if you need any help with setup of Remote FTP as MTG mentioned and a few other helpful packages send me a message and I'd be glad to help,
  4. There is if you have a passion for it, if you are just going to throw up a cash grab in an attempt to get some $$ it isn't going to work out for you. However if you are dedicated and actually want to have a game for the community of it and because you love making games the money will find its way to you. The market has been saturated for years so users are picky where they play and what the support the development of.
  5. Are you able to link me any articles or provide any more information on how I would go about this?
  6. There is currently an existing IPN system in place but it does not work properly lol, I have no idea what I'm doing with an IPN system either I've read several articles on them and nothing looks out of place and I *think* I set up the Paypal side properly but I'm at a loss whichever solution would be better lol either a new system or just this one working
  7. It is a heavily modified version of GRPG
  8. Hey MWG, I'm looking for someone who can help me setup my IPN system. Willing to pay for the assistance either message me here or DM me on Discord Mad Caper#0001
  9. I hear you there I was hoping most of us would have moved passed this by now lolol, you do you bro I wouldn't have removed it unless he was going to recant what he said and pay you for the work you did.
  10. Recoded for GRPG V2 First add SQL ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `lucky` int(2) NOT NULL default 1 Than add this to classes.php $this->lucky = $row['lucky']; <?php /* Module Name: Lucky Dip * Module Version: v2.00 * Module Price: $0.00 * Recoded for GRPG v2 * Originally created for GRPG v1 by NonStopCoding */ require_once __DIR__.'/inc/header.php'; if($_POST['tryluck']) { if($user_class->money < 10000) echo Message('You don\'t have enough money to buy a jackpot dip.', 'Error', true); else if($user_class->lucky == 0) echo Message('You have already done your lucky dip today.', 'Error', true); $money = mt_rand(0,20000); $points = mt_rand(0,5); $special = mt_rand(1,350); $newm = $user_class->money + $money; $newp = $user_class->points + $points; if($user_class->money >= 10000 && $user_class->lucky > 0) { if($special == 10) { $money = mt_rand(0,20000); $points = mt_rand(0,5); $money = $money * 2; $points = $points * 2; $newm = $user_class->money + $money; $newp = $user_class->points + $points; $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = `money` - 10000 WHERE `id` = ?"); $db->execute([$user_class->id]); echo Message('Woa your really lucky today and doubled your gain.<br /> You gained '.$points.' points and $'.number_format($money).''); mysql_query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = ?,`points` = ?,`lucky` = 0 WHERE `id` = ?"); $db->execute([$newm, $newp, $user_class->id]); } else { echo Message('You gained '.$points.' points and $'.number_format($money)); $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = ?,`points` = ?,`lucky` = 0 WHERE `id` = ?"); $db->execute([$newm, $newp, $user_class->id]); $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = `money` - '10000' WHERE `id` = ?"); $db->execute([$user_class->id]); } } } ?> <tr><td class="content-head">Lucky Dip</td></tr> <tr><td class="content"> <i>So are you feeling lucky?? well for $10.000 you can take a shot at the luck dip.</i><br /> <i>You can win up to x2 the ticket prize and if your super lucky you can double that but only if your really lucky.</i><br /> </td></tr> <tr><td class="content"> <form method="post"> <input type="submit" name="tryluck" value="Try My Luck" /> </form> </td></tr>
  11. Thanks for the greetings! Can't wait to see the community thrive again.
  12. Mad Caper

    Dice Game

    <?php require_once __DIR__.'/inc/header.php'; $maxbet = $user_class->level*500; $amount = (isset($_GET['bet'])) ? abs((int) $_GET['bet']) : ""; if (isset($_GET['bet'])) { if($amount > $user_class->money) { echo Message("You're trying to bet more than you have."); } if(!$user_class->dice) { echo Message("You have run out of rolls today come back tomorrow.", "Error", true); } elseif($amount > $maxbet) { echo Message("You have gone over the max allowed bet for your level ($".prettynum($maxbet).")."); } else { $dice[1] = abs((int) rand(1,6)); $dice[2] = abs((int) rand(1,6)); $dice[3] = abs((int) rand(1,6)); $dice[4] = abs((int) rand(1,6)); if($dice[1]==$dice[2] && $dice[2]==$dice[3] && $dice[3]==$dice[4]) { $won = $amount*12; $gain = $amount*11; $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = `money` + ?, dice = GREATEST(dice - 1, 0) WHERE `id` = ?"); $db->execute([$gain, $user_class->id]); echo Message("You took the dice and rolled them.<br> You see the numbers: <strong>".$dice[1]." ".$dice[2]." ".$dice[3]." ".$dice[4]."</strong><br> Your bet was: <strong>$".prettynum($amount)."</strong><br> You won $".prettynum($won)." by rolling 4 numbers.<br> After taking your bet you made $".prettynum($gain)." extra."); } else if (($dice[1] == $dice[2] && $dice[2] == $dice[3]) || ($dice[1] == $dice[3] && $dice[3] == $dice[4]) || ($dice[2] == $dice[3] && $dice[3] == $dice[4]) || ($dice[1] == $dice[2] && $dice[2] == $dice[4])) { $won=$amount*5; $gain=$amount*4; $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = `money` + ?, dice = GREATEST(dice - 1, 0) WHERE `id` = ?"); $db->execute([$gain, $user_class->id]); echo Message("You took the dice and rolled them.<br> You see the numbers: <strong>".$dice[1]." ".$dice[2]." ".$dice[3]." ".$dice[4]."</strong><br> Your bet was: <strong>$".prettynum($amount)."</strong><br> You won $".prettynum($won)." by rolling 3 numbers.<br> After taking your bet you made $".prettynum($gain)." extra."); } else { $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = GREATEST(`money` - ?, 0), dice = GREATEST(dice - 1, 0) WHERE `id` = ?"); $db->execute([$amount, $user_class->id]); echo Message("You rolled ".$dice[1]." ".$dice[2]." ".$dice[3]." and ".$dice[4].".<br>Better luck next time. You just lost $".prettynum($amount)."!"); } } } ?> <tr> <td class="content-head">Dice Game - Make a bet!</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="content2"> Ready to try your luck? Roll 4 dice and if you get 3 of the same you win roll 4 of the same and get a Jackpot!<br> The max bet for your level is $<?php echo prettynum($maxbet); ?>.<br> You can roll the dice <?php echo $user_class->dice ?>/ 50 times today. <form action='dice.php' method='get'> Bet: $<input type='text' name='bet' value='500' onkeyup="this.value=this.value.replace(/\D/g,'')" /><br> <input type='submit' value='Roll!!' /> </form> </td></tr> Go to PHPMYADMIN and run the SQL ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `dice` INT(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '50'; Add into your classes.php file in the inc folder $this->dice = $row['dice'] Converted to GRPG V2 and bug fix where if you lost it look all your cash on hand. Changed wording to dice to reflect mod and displays dice roll on loss too. Changed to limit users to 50 rolls per day to prevent abuse. You will need to change <td class="content2"> to <td class="content">
  13. Heeey MWG community super stoked to see the community back up and running long time fan and user here. I own Mafia MMO https://mafiammo.com which is still in early beta and code for some games in production. Can't wait to see how the community thrives now that were back!!! I got my start here and if it wasn't for the MWG community I don't think I ever would have went into coding as a career or even started to play with code of any kind.
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