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MakeWebGames is back, 2019 edition


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1 minute ago, Guest said:

Feel classic now IDs are in profile URLs. If you hadn't stolen ID 1, I'm sure I'd be the oldest active account ?

Oh damn, yeah you probably would have. When I migrated to IPS it merged my vBulletin account and my admin account on the forum, thus how I elevated myself to become ID 1.

Your join date of May 25, 2006 is still pretty damn old. I'd have been 11 when you joined, gee.


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2 minutes ago, SomeRandomBastard said:

Don't say that too loud, @Dave, you'll have Chris Hansen bursting out the pantry!

Yeah, 2006 - since you're here, can I have my name changed back to SomeRandomBastard - I feel like being that persona again ?

Done! Welcome back

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4 minutes ago, SRB said:

I've just checked and can't see any option to do it myself.

Can I take SRB?

Line breaking is playing with my emotions.


Done! I changed your user title to SomeRandomBastard too haha

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16 hours ago, MNG said:

So happy for everything to be back BUT ion want to be that guy...... is this going to be the PERMANENT theme?

As MTG said there are 3 themes to choose from:

Default IPS

Light (default)


You can change your theme by the “Theme” link in the footer. If you have other suggestions to make the site better let me know! 

6 hours ago, Djkanna said:

*drops in to say hello!


Hello. ?

Great to see your name again! Welcome back 


2 hours ago, rulerofzu said:

oh gawd its him...

Howdy Rulerofzu, great to see you as well.

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