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  1. DJK owes me beer. Get in line for yer ten dolla.
  2. Nothing game related. RoZ came to a rather natural end as everyone moved onto other things. Code wise. A bit of dabblin here and there. OpenCart modules and code mainly. Also just started looking at a room/class booking system.
  3. Except for times when I require assistance eh DJK
  4. rulerofzu


    What wait when did that happen I think I was sleeping. :D Happy New Year folks
  5. I am a forum noob and cannot find where to edit my sig
  6. Cant see how hosting a website in Germany would affect SEO
  7. No answer probably as they are resellers rather than the servers built or building themselves.
  8. rulerofzu

    Game Names

    Funnily enough my game was going to be called Legend of Zu. Unknown to myself at the time there is a film called Zu Warriors (Legend of Zu) Payment processors refused to take payments just in case. So whilst my game and the film had absolutely nothing in common. It was better to change it.
  9. Ive used hetzner a lot over the years. Solid as a rock considering the price so I can highly recommend them. I still use them now but only for a dns vps server. Now with a different german company Webgo. Again solid but cheap. Other companies I can recommend. UK - Bluelighthost www.bluelighthost.co.uk very nicely priced cloud servers although they have just changed their packages to more vps than cloud instances. USA - Wable www.wable.com very very nicely priced vps packages. Click on view all packages though as they only show a small selection on the front page and dont let the $3378/month setup scare you away lol Germany - Webgo nicely priced and high spec servers however they speak little english so if you need support they are not for you. I use them as I rarely need assistance.
  10. So what is the point in having a 2nd server on standby when its not actually being used. I think you should stop give it up as clearly you have no idea what your doing.
  11. Oh thats a good one. Tell me another. Did the dog also eat your homework?
  12. Unless you order a GUI at the time the majority of VPS come without one unless its a German provider! Although there is free easy to install ones out there. Centos web panel is quite a good one, Froxlor or Webmin. I am more of a nano person as I hate vi. Easier to work with. Lock down that SSH on a different port with key only access and work by console. I work a lot using ssh just find it quicker and easier to implement changes or something new into code live on the server. Especially as on some of my sites I use xml to drop it into the main code so dont actually edit the main code. Crontab isnt that hard. I find a lot of people shy away from working on servers as they fear they will break it.
  13. Why would it be any more difficult as its a VPS? I use a VPS setup was no different.
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