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  1. Whilst mysql extension is deprecated in higher versions of PHP, it's not preventing your script running. It's saying there is an error trying to set a default value to a TEXT column in the database. BLOB/TEXT columns cannot take a default value: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/blob.html   The SQL needs to be changed to allow for this.
  2. Coly010


    It may not work depending how he retrieves the data from the database. I do think he'll need two loops, but I have a feeling he might need two database queries, depending how his database is set up.
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    Taking this to PM
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    [MENTION=71663]IllegalPigeon[/MENTION] tl;dr I am still learning. All developers should be. My GitHub is full of things I did to help me learn. PHP is not the only language I'm limited to. Be careful how you criticise others. Some may or may not take it as lightly and could do something irrational. I feel I need to prove I'm not a "copy and paste coder" so what sort of challenge do I need to complete to satisfy you. Can you too prove you are not a copy and paste coder?
  5. Seems I'm getting a lot of bad press, so to keep other threads clean, here guys, you can go to town with your accusations and complaints here. Hopefully we'll get the majority of them ironed out but for those that are persistent, meh, give it your all, it's fun to bitch I guess.
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    Public findings online do not paint a full or accurate picture. As someone who develops for the web I thought you would understand that. Ever heard the saying don't judge a book by its cover? Well I'm going to change it for this circumstance. Don't judge a person by what you find online. It's somewhat curious that you picked another php item from my GitHub, which is roughly a year old at this stage. I'm not limited to PHP as much as you are not limited to Laravel. And Laravel was not a stab in the dark. It was down to past conversations we have had about it. I haven't had an account in GitHub for very long and I haven't used it all that often as can be seen by the number of repos I have. The fact I have things public is so that I could use the code across workstations without needing to manually transfer the files with memory pens or the like. At the time my GitHub account wasn't of the correct type to allow private repos. I've never claimed to be an expert and I'll gladly admit that I am still learning to program. Aren't all developers? With every new technology, language, framework, version, we have to learn how it works and how to use it. Does that make me a "copy and paste coder"? No. I can take the skills I have learned from one language and transfer it to another. I have enough confidence in my ability, as does others and more importantly as does people who are willing to invest in my education. I do not need your approval nor do I need your respect. I'll say it again. I wasn't trying to appear superior to the OP, I know he is learning, I was trying to gauge where he is at with PHP so that I could maybe attempt to give him more attuned help or if you don't like the thought of me helping him, find articles that will help him. I am at fault for not reading OP's question correctly which is where the heart of this problem lies. You've just managed to take advantage of it to ridicule me publicly. If that makes you sleep better at night then continue to do so. But if you do it, move it to another thread please? Instead of clogging up this thread with unrelated posts regarding the OP's question. Why use MWG as a place to slander others? I know your own web development forum flopped but this isn't the place for it. In reality there is no place for it. There needs to be less negatively and more positive posts here. If you have a problem with me or someone else, take it to Private Messaging, not somewhere that it's public for others to see. You can't know the hurt that it could do. If there is any way I can prove I'm not a copy and paste coder, I'll gladly accept the challenge. But if you want to continue to make unfound claims go ahead. You're doing me no harm. Perhaps my public profile on this forum yes, perhaps my reputation will take a hit. But anyone that I've done work for has been more than satisfied so I personally will not take any offence and you will not be hindering me or my learning in any way. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. P.s not implying you don't earn money, just stating that I do. P.p.s nothing I have said is trying to imply anything against you. [uSER=53425]Magictallguy[/uSER] I wasn't bringing you into it, just referencing you. I apologise if it seemed like I was.
  7. Coly010


    See this is where you are wrong. I'm not tryin g to come across superior. I'm trying to judge his level of knowledge. I'm trying to find out what he knows about php. Where his knowledge is and what topics he's covered. From there he can be directed to more specific help around the topic. From what I read I thought the OP wanted to know how to output the $counter variable, which is what I showed. As for the session error post. Kudos to me then if 25% is apparently plagarised, because it means at least 25% of what I typed is correct. Yay. The page loader? GG on taking that out of context. Howard Ortan, myself and [uSER=53425]Magictallguy[/uSER] understand what that's all about. But someone as superior and as much of a genuis as you had no use for such a thing. You stick to your Laravel workflow, I'll stick to what I do. Develop, learn and earn money. Sound good? Sweet. I'm glad my posts entertain you, you should be lucky I'm not charging you for all the laughs you're getting. A ticket to a good comedian is dear enough, you seem to be getting your laughs for free! Now, let's leave it at that
  8. Coly010


    So just use echo $counter; ? I don't see what the problem is. Look it's simple.   $counter = 0; while(each hall of fame){ echo "<label id='accordion-".$counter."'>"; $counter++; }   This is basic php? Have you been using tutorials yet or still running here for every problem you face?
  9. Coly010


    Or use google... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=php+while+loop+counter You have so much to learn...
  10. If you want the really technical reason why it's because the server sent data with header data in it to the client via HTTP and then tried to send some more header data. First up. When you see an error from PHP regarding headers, it's not a bunch of HTML code that you reuse in all your views that show the banner. This is a common mistake for inexperienced developers. Headers are much more informative and powerful from a developers perspective but completely invisible to the average user usually. They can and will contain useful information. One of the most important pieces of data headers contain is the status code of the response that was sent back from the server. If everything went swimmingly on the backend side of the application then usually a 200 (OK) status code is sent in the headers. But others can be sent and I'm sure you've seen them. 404 (Not Found), 403 (Forbidden), 500 (Server Error) etc There are also other pieces of information sent back, things like the content type, location etc. Moving on. When the client side code, in your case, the POST requests made from the HTML side of your game, or the GET requests made by a user navigation to a different file in your game, sends a request to the server, the server finds the file that should handle the request. Once anywhere in your file tries to send a response back to the client, be it white space outside the php tags, be it and echo "" or a var_dump() or be it a php error, php will generate headers and send it back with the response to the client. Generally speaking once the client (normally the browser) receives the headers, that's it they are persistent and cannot be changed. This boils down normally to the fact that the browser has received a status 200 from the server so it believes everything went well. If anywhere else in your code tried to send headers after they have been sent, php is gonna throw an error because it knows it can't send more than one set of headers for one request made. For each request there is only one response. In php if you try to initialise sessions after your headers are sent then there'll be an error thrown like the one you have received. Therefore to fix you try find where headers could have been already sent. [uSER=53425]Magictallguy[/uSER] said there were a couple of reasons for why you are getting the error. I disagree. There is one reason why you are getting the error. Php/Apache sent headers to the client and it then tried to send more headers. That's the error. That's the reason for the error. What MTG should have said was, there are couple of common mistakes that caused the error that you should look for when trying to fix the problem.   Now, you'll be asking me, if you even read this, why I went into so much detail. Simple. If you understand the error, understand what causes the error, then you know what to look for. You can fix it yourself. You don't need to paste code on a forum asking other developers to find your mistake. You'll be able to find it yourself. Once you can diagnose and fix problems yourself, you'll become a much better developer. Having a full understanding of the full stack and how HTTP works helps a lot when writing web applications. You should start doing the research.
  11. I'll give you a base quote of £30/hr I spend developing it
  12. Coly010


    Php has this built in. Just look at the Date() method. http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php
  13. Nothing wrong with an ASUS if you get the right specs along with it... What you're essentially trying to do is normalise your users table. But as for your "to the second" Abandon that idea. You're gonna kill the performance massively. Just use timestamps and run them at set intervals but have a fall back so that they don't need to run every 10 mins, every 5 mins, every min if no user is online, it'll do run the update as many times is needed for the game to catch up with itself. Next if you want jail/hosp to look like its counting in real time, pass the timestamps from the database to a JavaScript / jQuery function which counts down. If need be, pass a callback so that when it reaches 0 it'll fire a call to a php file that will update the database
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