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  1. Hello, @Dave you still owe me $4 @Djkanna you still owe me $10 @Magictallguy Dammit. I thought my posts would be cleared and I could be Mr Anonymous
  2.   LMAO! Are you actually serious? This guy asks for one thing and you say can't do that but can do something else. If I walked into a Lamborghini dealer and asked for Murcielago but they turn around and say "can't do that, but can get you a ford" - just sound rediculous
  3. No update? not even a download link available yet! whats going on grant? ps answer zetties questions too
  4.   No. But i will point a few out, you're using expense and expence across the site. Use the first one and change all of the old. http://freemoneyplanner.com/category/expenses-plans/ First paragraph. "apllication" to "application". Further down (same paragraph) "recomended" -> "recommended" Under the actual adding expense, you use the word: "expese" I guess its meant to be expense. You have lots of this littered across the whole site, slow down and double check spelling and grammar. Use something like google chrome that will highlight spelling errors in textboxes as you type :)
  5. there are spelling mistakes all over the site. not very professional
  6. Lol thats what i was getting at. Would be nice to see the work he is being praised for - - - Updated - - -   Lol thats what i was getting at. Would be nice to see the work he is being praised for
  7. Thanks Sniko, but you were 1 minute too late! - so i'm going to try it out now [11:56:05] MrDJK: https://ghost.org/   DJK beat you to it =]
  8. Whats the best bundle currently available in your opinion? I want something lightweight but geared towards all the SEO work, is the bulky wordpress the best option for a blog (don't want to go a custom route), baring in mind this is just an add on for a larger website.
  9. SilvaTungDevil


    Secured and double checked all inputs, used tokens in your forms etc before putting the site live?
  10.   at the end of the query after "); and just before the ; put: OR DIE(MYSQL_ERROR()) AND LET US KNOW THE OUTCOME
  11. Sorry but why did you use images for buttons and on the login page, It doesnt look right, is the entire site similar inside too? I.E Using images instead of text?
  12. Seen the code, can confirm it nots
  13. Ahh yeah, that was the further point I forgot
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