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My list of trusted coders.


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MWG NOTE: This list is only provided by danny, in collaboration with some other members of this forum. This is NOT an official list of all trustworthy people you could hire, there are many more that aren't listed for various reasons. We've stickied this topic because we support the initiative towards new members.

Hey there, first off, I put it in here because its about other members ;)

Most importantly, the reason for this topic, Ive recently seen alot of people coming in here with very few posts, and offering paid work when we know nothing about them, so for all the new people coming in here needing work, this shows the developers that can be trusted and have a proven record. Heres how it'll work, Ill add several topics, and list people I know that can be trusted, anyone wanting to be added to here must PM me, (I dont want a moderator touching this) and Ill decide, you can also nominate people.

NB: Im only doing active people within the last month.


  • Dayo
  • Sniko
  • Nickson
  • Dave
  • Peter/W3Theory
  • Illusions
  • SomeRandomBastard
  • Lithium
  • Cronus
  • Runthis
  • Isomerizer
  • Octerain
  • Arson
  • MagicTallGuy



  • Peter/W3Theory
  • Dave Mac
  • Illegalife
  • Kr3W


Story Writers:

  • Redex


Thats about all I could think of now, but I'll be adding more/removing people as I see fit, Ive not included the likes of alain, because hes too good, and would be to expensive for the average newbie.

Ps. Please stickie :)

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Added more people
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Quite a good idea actually, we'll keep it within this topic for now and see what we can do as "special" ^^

I'll leave it up to danny and others to add or remove people from the list and not involve myself too much in this list!

Topic stickied

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This is a nice topic for those looking for programmers/designers and as long as Danny keeps the list updated it should be very useful.

A trusted buyers thread would be nice aswell...but would probably require a bit more updating as there are many more buyers than programmers/designers.

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I'm a 'story writer' ;) - But all the work i do are for games, so i can't exactly post any of the work up for free, so i was just wondering how am i meant to get my name on the list? Do i have to go to my previous clients, and ask them to recommend me or...?

*Humour* I see this list in 1-2 years time, being seen as the big thing - So people will refer to it with respect, and call it "The List", and view it as it's something massive O.o *humour*. ;)

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This thread is unlocked to allow for constructive conversation on the topic at hand. If you feel something is wrong for any reason feel free to mail a member of staff. Any flaming of this thread like the last time will simply end up with us permanently locking the thread, and possible having to edit Danny's list when he asks (if it's locked he can't edit it himself...).

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