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  1. lucky3809


    Thank you all for the info, I appreciate it, I was leaning towards the business account, but needed to ask before I did so, so I didn't make the wrong choice. I am going to check out those other pay sites too.
  2. lucky3809


    Depending where you live I have mine under my other business which I am going to change it, you need to register your business in the state you are in, in the US. and you will get a identification number, Paypal will asks for that number for their business account because for tax purposes. The only thing with using personal account is that it will show your name when a player buys something in game. While a business one will show the business name.
  3. lucky3809


    Thank you Dayo, I was leaning towards the business one, I already have one just didnt know rather to stick with it or change it back to personal.
  4. lucky3809


    What is best to use a personal or business paypal account? I never yet put a game out live. And going to in the next week and kind of wondering which type of paypal account I should use, if it matters?
  5. You won't find CPanel free they made it where the web hosting companies had to pay per license.
  6. To be honest the Mccode script may be a little outdated, but it's a good starter engine for someone who knows nothing about coding. I started with a generic login script before anything else.
  7. I thought this forum was gone for good, I am glad it is back! Was just thinking about it decided to google and seen the new domain change.
  8. lucky3809


    Did you give permission when you created your database user, for that database? Maybe also check if it's a chmod problem in your FTP for the database file, make sure it is 644 giving you access to that file. If you are not 100% that your database info matches, delete and remake a database and database user, and reenter the info in. Also sometimes depending on hosting it's not always localhost you enter but that of the hosting name on your account.
  9. If you can afford it just pay for someone to go through the engine you have now and secure it for you. Or by another copy of mccodes for the upgrade. Or look up on google how to secure, it's really not that hard to do. You just have to have time on your hands to do so, or money lol.
  10. NO one lol ...Unless you're scamming and trying to make $$$$ No way will someone be selling an app that makes $1.4 million and especially on this forum. It is HIGHLY unlikely!
  11. You should when installing pick mysqli, as for on some servers they do not use mysql anymore. or you can go through all the files and change to PDO. no matter what though you're going to have to change the coding to PDO or mysqli.
  12. But why mres,htmlentities,ect... on a digit? If I recall it updates the database with a 1 or a 2
  13. Just a simple question is your color scheme in all 3 css files the same name #isla-quest? If they are not, make sure your class= or id= is matching that of those names, as for your css part is not what is giving you the problem, but the class or id name may be giving you the problem. So check those tables or divs.
  14. mres is for alpha characters only, not numeric, also PDO is a lot better to use as stated, you can learn it here http://php.net/manual/en/book.pdo.php And you should know better not to copy and paste codes just because someone post them on here, actually research each code if you do not know what it does.
  15. Well you can find the problem by finding all the playerid= in the queries and go down them and add playerid='1',playerid='2',playerid= '3' and so on than run the cron and it will show you which query is giving the problem, by listing which number, that's how I always find my problem when I can't seem to know which query or echo statement it refers to.
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