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  1. DeeComm

    Games for sale!

    Could you please quote me when replying to Curt please @KingKong , i was going to ask the same question about the original domain. Thanks in advance.
  2. DeeComm

    Where to start

    I did use MCCODES almost 10 years ago when i was 14-16 but have not messed with it for a while i might buy a copy soon and mess around. thank you for the fast reply! ? Hey mate thank you for the reply this was very helpful! i have messaged adam about the gRPG script, i remember just before i stopped visiting MWG that NEAB was being spoken about as a project i never really looked any further into it though
  3. No one will remember me but name is deecomm the old MWG i went under Fatal1324,Fatal or my real name Dellan, i lurked more then i posted but i had alot of fun reading and messing with mods posted here for mccodes back in the day, i was a member/lurker in the forumf from when i was about 14 so it is good to see it back up and running again i look foward to seeing it become more active again!
  4. DeeComm

    Where to start

    Which game script is the best to use as a starter and is the most easiest to mod, i have used mccode years ago and know very little about coding just want to know which script is easiest to work with so i can mess around with it and maybe learn a thing or two along the way, thanks in advance guys! **sorry if posted in wrong section wasn't sure where to post**
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