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  1. Yeah possibly which is why I said I agree with laravel. Kotlin has a good community and unbelievable IDE support seen as Jetbrains created it. Entry barrier is pretty subjective. It's the promoted language for android apps now so it might be more popular than you think.
  2. Interesting project. I'd try help out if I got some time 🙂 My UI library of choice would be ReactJS but would be comfortable with either. I think kotlin would be a good choice for the backend but agree with Dave that Larvel would be a good choice for this.
  3. Hi, I used to spend a lot of time of this forum years ago when I was in school and college and it's what got me into programming. I'm now a software engineer. I mainly use Javascript, React, Java, Node, Postgres etc.. It's great to see the forum back up. I mainly read posts and played around with Mccodes. Is there still a market for text based games?
  4. For vms i always go to DigitalOcean
  5. I would advise building native apps but if you want to go down the other road take a look at Ionic framework, its very good.
  6. They seem very cheap as well which is a bonus! What kind of setup do you have on your droplet Sniko? if you mind me asking
  7. Im considering switching to digital ocean. Let us know how you get on
  8. Whats your prefered way of dealing errors and in your opinion what way do you think is best practise? If you use both when do you use each? trigger_error() or throw new exception() or a custom error handler At the moment I deal with errors such as database or file handling errors through exceptions and user generator errors with a custom error handler A discussion on this topic may be interesting
  9. The Spirit

    Oo api

    This is probably the best post in this forum in two years... Lots of potential here.
  10. The Spirit

    Validate URL

    Cant seem to get it working :/ This is the code im using: else if ((!preg_match('#^http(s)?://(www\.)?([a-z0-9_\-\.]+)\.([a-z\.]){2,5}([/\?&\#\w=]+)?$#', $url))) { $return['error'] = true; $return['msg'] = 'URL not valid'; }
  11. The Spirit

    Validate URL

    Thanks Djk and Bluegman! Djk Im using yours, the only problem I have is that it allows urls such as http://test
  12. The Spirit

    Validate URL

    Im getting an Unknown modifier '+' error :/ I'd really like to use the same regex as im using for the javascript but it doesnt seem to want to work with php
  13. The Spirit

    Validate URL

    a, http://a, http://www.a //Not Valid http://localhost //not valid test.com //not valid http://test.com //valid http://www.test.com //valid http://www.test.com?searchblah&blajjj //valid http://www.te$%^$.com //not valid http://test.1223 //Not Valid http://test.co //valid http://test.co.uk //valid http://sub.test.com //valid
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