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Mobile app ?


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Hi all,

I was just wondering, if any one would be interested in having there game ported for IOS, Android.

As we all know that mobile apps are the way forward.

It was very late last night and it should of read like this. that we have done this, but are only on a research find to see if there would be any interest if we decided to offer this service.

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Yeah i do have examples, Android one has just been updated. Were waiting for apple to review the updated version for IOS as we just updated the icons and fixed optimization. just search "deadly-city" and i know the mobile site its self doesn't look good, but were looking at getting a new template made. were also in the middle of sorting out In-app billing for the removal of Ad mobs ads and in game stuff.

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How much $ to port mcc v2 to iOS 6 app and push it to App Store?

What API is used? Native? Phonegap? Codename One?...

Time frame?

How much $ to port mcc v2 to Android and push it to Play Store?

What API is used? Native? Phonegap? ...

Time frame?

How much $ to port mcc v2 into a mobile friendly WWW site?

What API is used? jQuery Mobile? ...

Time frame?

mcc v2 being just off the shelf.


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I thought apple didnt like having web pages/apps as iOS apps as they can change without them knowing

Apple don't. They're fussy as hell -- a lot of apps get rejected there too.

On a side note, it's pointless to be aiming at iOS 6 right now, with iOS 7 just around the corner. The beta is actually already being used by a lot of people (me included) as it was leaked.




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Yes, Apple will reject any app with just WebView in the app with mayb push notification service implemented. Unless, if your developer account on Apple has a good history of apps pushed to AppStore. Most likely, a Company apple developer account will get away with this. This is because of the same reason Guest gave, WebView can be changed at any time after approval without Apple knowing. Apple needs a trusted Dev account in order to be nice to you.

However, if its coded using an API like phonegap/codename one and there will be hard coded buttons / navigation / pages which all relies on web side of things - this will get approved easily. Using json to request/send data over net.

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