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It's time. Goodbye.


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I've been a member here since roughly 2007, and i've had some good times, and met some good people :) However, I feel it's time to move on.

I'm not moving away from programming, I've made the decision to move away from creating, supporting, and enhancing web games; typically text-based games. I feel this decision has come to me overdue, but i feel it's for the best.

For those of you wondering where i'll be going, I'll still be around on Skype (harry.sniko), and may return to the boards to discuss things i'm interested in; but you won't see any more development for McCodes from me anymore, most likely. (Although i stopped publicly releasing things a while back)

I'll be moving into iOS development, and creating applications to help peoples day, and other app ideas i've had. - For those interested in that, add me on Skype :)

As i'll be moving away from these boards (or at the very least, minimising my activity) i'll be scrubbing and destroying the QA server (http://qa.makewebgames.io) - If you'd like to manage it, please contact me on Skype :) - I'll take a backup, and destroy it tonight.

I'll be sprinting the projects i have already committed to, and push those out, but no more games, or modifications for me.


A short goodbye

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